Can't connect to wireless network.

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Hey all, just an issue that (hopefully) should be easy to solve!

So I got a new router and put a password on it. My Xbox asks for the WEP password, which I type in the custom one I made, and it gets rejected. So I type in the default "admin" one and it works. So it connects to the network, but cannot connect to the internet. I've tried resetting everything involved and nothing seems to fix it. The issue might be that I'm using a really old wireless adapter for my Xbox (from the original Xbox, got it in 2004). So I might buy a new one and hopefully that fixes the problem. Any suggestions?

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I dont know if we've had the same problem, but the issue i had was trying to share the internet connection from my pc to the router so that the xbox 360 slim could go online. But the internet never made its way to the router because appearently i had to open up some "ports", so i decided to make a sandwich and pretend that theres nothing wrong. Now i love a full and happy life (on the surface). I hope you're luckier than i was.