Can you play Xbox Original games on a 4GB 360 WITH A DISC?

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Hello, I recenetly purchased a 4GB 360, I had been reading before that the 4GB model can not play Xbox Original games, but from the looks of it, I've only seen people talking about it not being able to play the ones downloaded from Xbox live, my question is, if I buy an Xbox original game on a disc, can I play it with my 4GB 360, or has the functionality been removed from the 4GB model?

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I know there' a list someone of games of original xbox games that work on 360, i forget the site though. Go through the list and see how many of those you have. Some of your original games may not work, but some will.

You need a bigger hard drive. 4gb doesn't cut it these days. :)

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The old arcade models didn't have backwards compatibility, but I'm not sure about the slim models. I would assume the answer is no.
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From what I have read you need a actual harddrive and not just the 4gb and flash memory the 4gb slim has.
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