Can you lock your Xbox 360

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I'm leaving for college soon, and I'm planning on bringing my 360 to play with my roomates. The one thign is that I really don't wanna get my 360 stolen, so is there a way to lock it down to a wall or something like you can with a laptop??


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I dont know of any way, but from experience i got some pointers(or one big one). Im about to enter my 3rd year in the dorms......Just always always lock your door when you leave. Make sure your rommamte does the same and you wont have any problems. Seriously just ALWAYS lock your door when you arent in it. Even if you just go down the hall to a friends.
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I know the displays thay have at stores have those bars around it. Maybe you could like get a small pet cage and put it in there, lock it, and the lock the cage down. For your health.
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Yeah seriously. You will find that stuff DOES go missing. It's an annoying fact but it's going to happen. I recommend you kind of have a little safebox where you keep your ipod, phone, wallet etc when you're not using it. People will pocket what they want, even if it's just random sh!t. Be careful about your xbox, maybe put it in cabnet, like with your tv on top and make it so the doors lock or something.
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forget the xbox and just go out... or if you really are going to stay in your dorm, perhaps build a mount for it, heavy enough it can't be hauled out of the room
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if your really that worried get a safe or something, not sure it would fit or put a lock on your bedroom door and just lock that. otherwise if you dont wanna do that keep it out of sight, thats the easiest thing to do.
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You can lock it down with an Xbox 360 Security Kit from . I live in a dorm at Pepperdine and it did the trick.
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I also would recommend their Xbox 360 Security Locker which I bought at It is a steel cage that locks up your games and controllers preventing anyone from using your Xbox.
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Put a "If you touch this xbox, i WILL kill you " sign on ur xbox

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Put a password on your account. That will stop people from using your xboxlive account.

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I suppose you can use those pc locks thru the ventilation holes. But, just lock everything in your room. You don't want to lose your PC, especially your PC.

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ever think of a filing cabinet with a lock on it? that way you can have important papers in the one and 360 n stuff in the other. just lock it, and should b good, put your name and room number or something on it a couple times in permanent marker and stuff.

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I have a company that specializes in game console security. Our company focuses on custom security furnishings; available for anyone who wants to have public gaming and entertainment areas. Without the worry of vandalism and theft of your game system.
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a hamster cage locked and chained to the bed?
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Buy a trunk and lock that sucker down with other valuables. As we all know, ethics are not at college.:P


I like this idea.

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haha, I have never heard of anyone wanting to do this..

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just always lock your door man. when i lived in the dorms i just had my TV on top of my xbox with all the cords right behind it. probably not the best for the disk drive but no one is gonna run and unplug 5 different cords and move the tv off the xbox. stuff like laptops and ipods are much easier to steal.