Can my 360 use HDMI??

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On the back it has 4 ports

2 small ones at the top, next to each other

1 for the USB

1 for the Ethernet

then it has 1 big one lower down for the component HD-AV

then it has 1 more at the bottom for the power

Is my 360 HDMI capable?

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No, you can't use HDMI.
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What am I missing out on with not having HDMI?

Better graphics?

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What am I missing out on with not having HDMI?

Better graphics?

Digital picture which has less noise and is clearer. Personally I can't tell a difference when I download a trailer off my X360 and play it in my TV using componet compared to using my computer (DVI) playing the exact same trailer on the same HDTV. 1080i on both
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only xbox360elite and xbox360halo have HDMI port
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only xbox360elite and xbox360halo have HDMI portdigxxbitty

Not true. There are Premium 360s out there now with HDMI. By Christmas every 360 sold, except for the Core if they keep it, will be HDMI capable.

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Very true, I was actually kind of bummed because I just got my 360 back from repairs and they sent me a brand new one, yet it doesnt have HDMI ports. So now Im selling that one and having to upgrade and pick up anentirely new 360 so I can maximize my 1080p Sony
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Tho those who have HDMI for their 360's, how will I be able to use my 5.1 surround system then? My initial setup (non HDMI 360) is like this, the audio output (analog cables) goes to my Philips 5.1 player then the video goes directly to my 37" LG screen. My LG has HDMI input though but I dont like the sound quality of the also has an audio output that can be plugged to the player but the sound quality is really different when I plug the audio cables directly to the player. Unless I have a 5.1 player with HDMI input like my brother-in-law's Sony, can I just plug the HDMI to the tv then still use the analog cables and plug it to the player for the sound, or that just defeats the purpose of having a 360 with HDMI? Thanks.
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For other audio connections while using HDMI you need the HDMI AV adapter that only comes with the Elite, otherwise you have to spend $50 for the official 360 HDMI cable to get it.

It gives you red and white audio and optical out for 5.1 dolby digital.

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What am I missing out on with not having HDMI?

Better graphics?


Just a clearer picture, no difference in graphics, just the way they are displayed.

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Here is a pic of the premium with hdmi. Just below the AV port.