Can I transfer music from my phone to the Hard Drive of a Xbox360?

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#1 Posted by Liana_o3 (64 posts) -

I need help. Thanks. :)

#2 Posted by HavenlyHunter (392 posts) -
Yeh connect your phone with usb to xbox360
#3 Posted by seventy5cent832 (1057 posts) -
nope, u only can transfer music from CDs
#4 Posted by raylewisnfl52 (7146 posts) -
i dont think you can
#5 Posted by xMADxDOGx (590 posts) -
Thats possbile
#6 Posted by seventy5cent832 (1057 posts) -
u can listen to them like that, not put them on the 360
#7 Posted by mfp16 (4551 posts) -
the only way to put music on your xbox HDD is to rip it from a CD, you can however steam it form the phone/external HDD
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Thank alot :)
#9 Posted by Mr_Shield (29 posts) -

I'd be surprised if you could get your phone recognized by the Xbox 360 since most phones requires a driver of some sort installed. Without the driver there's nothing that recognizes how the phone works and well there's the problem, you can't install a phone driver on your Xbox 360. Not that I know of anyway.

Whenever I transfer something to my 360 I use an external usb device, works like a charm, fast and simple. Good luck to you anyhow.. ;)