Can I plug a Xbox 360 220v with a 110v power supply?

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Hi! Can I plug a Xbox 360 220v with a 110v power supply? The Xbox 360 220v is japanese and the power supply is from a usa xbox 360. Or If I buy a power supply 220v can I use it in USA? Thanks in advance!
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dunno, but think you have to go with the 220v powersupply and plug into a converter.
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No, if your outlet is 220V or 110V you'll need the exact same AC power adapter for your XBox 360. IF you plug a 110V into a 220V you'll blow up the adapter. If you do the opposite your XBox will flash 2 red lights and won't turn on. Plus you'll hear a weird buzzing sound from the amp on the adapter. Best just get 2 cords so you're ready for whatever. That's what I did. I had the same problem, I'm in Iraq (deployed) and everything out here is 220V. I just bought a new adapter.
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Hi, I am looking for the same kind of adapter so I can play my xbox 360 outside the US, do you know where I can get one?
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u would burn it and have to buy a new xbox....
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u would burn it and have to buy a new xbox....manhore30

Why do people make statements when they do not even know what they are talking about?

I was VERY interested in this exact question a few months back since I am moving countries soon. I found my answer here from a guy that did it for himself. The actual console needs the same amount of power to run, whether it is a Japanese one or North American. The power adapter just regulates it to the correct level. So if you have a Japanese model, buy a new power cable (American one with the huge brick) and it will run fine. If you have a North American one, then buy the new 220v cable/brick (European/Japanese wherever) and that will work also.

I have not done it myself yet but I have talked to 2 guys on this site that have gone from 110v to 220v and 220v to 110v by just replacing the cable/brick and they've had no issues.

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Cause this person is actually correct, when I went out of the country I took my system and plugged it in and it burned on me.
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phone up ms and ask them direct, to get the offical line, then if they say u have to buy out ask what then see if you can source it else where. last thing you want is for it to instantly **** the xbox, like the same happens when u change voltage for alot of kit when its not designed for that voltage. phone ms and find out the true crack.
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You need an adapter, after that you should be fine. They should have it in any electronics store.
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Cause this person is actually correct, when I went out of the country I took my system and plugged it in and it burned on me.Tidus84

lmao, They asked about buying a new power supply so they obviously KNOW not to plug a 110v appliance into a 220v power supply (as almost everyone should know! ) or vice-versa. I didn't realise just plugging a foreign appliance into a different power supply was actually a viable option... well, for most people anyways.

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I amtrying to find these adapters for my brother, he is in afghanistan and I have no idea where to get these and which one I should get. he said something about 110v/220v converter.....Can you please help me?
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converters can be found at any electronic store. best buy might have some. adapters to place on the ends of the cable, the pins you actually plug into a wall, you can get those are hardware stores as well. in unrelated news, i would have imagined the 360 would be auto sensing. using the wrong voltage should only kill the brick. again SHOULD. still regardless you want a surge protector, hell just get an UPS. sometimes these places, foreign lands, have dirty power and that will kill your power brick whether its 220 to 220 or 110 to 110.
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I have the exact opposite problem. I have a Korean Xbox that I picked up overseas. Now I'm back in the US and I want to use it, but I need to get a 110v power supply in order to use it. The power supplies are NOT dual voltage. So if your son in Afganistan wants to send me his 110v power supply, I'll be happy to send him my 220v one. Let me know if you're interested.
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i need a 220v for what i have 110v 150watts latest USA pre-slim,
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You need an adapter, after that you should be fine. They should have it in any electronics store.gp19
I thought the same thing, and it turned out I was wrong. DO NOT USE AN ADAPTER - I am currently in Mongolia on a 220 grid. I got a Samsonite adapter/power stepdown unit from a well known US store chain (i wont list because I dont want anyone frying their xbox on the same logic) and it DID NOT WORK!!!! I got a Samsonite step down 220-110 universal travel adapter, thinking ahead and trying to be safe. When i plugged in the adapter/stepdown unit and then plugged in my power supply it fried it anyway. The adapter was about $20, and if you google 110-220v xbox power supply you can find a few places to get them online for about $50. Dont waste the money, time, or aggrivation trying to go the cheaper route. I am now on assignment for 4 weeks with a fried power supply, and no way to get it to me before I leave. I thought it made sense to do the step down adapter and I would be ok. Perhaps it is a bad unit, but it works for my other charging adapters for computer and tablet, but fried the xbox. Perhaps it was indeed a bad power supply, but it worked when I left the US. Yes you may need a plug adapter to physically plug it in, but MAKE SURE IT IS 220 rated, and do not try to shortcut it with a stepdown adapter. The extra few bucks to source out one rated for 220 is WELL worth not having to worry or chance it. I saw they are available from a company (i am not familar with called CET) from Sears Sears Item# SPM5716592803 | Model# 10200702-110V and Amazon online This is my plan to buy while im deployed and have it when I get home to bring back next rotation. Also there are 2 different listings on amazon as of the time of this post, one for about $43 and one for $56, both with $9 shipping... Just my .02 and my own experience....take it for whatever anyone will. Thanks to all who have posted here, and especially to the person I am quoting, not being malicious, just saying i completely thought the same thing, but for me, it didnt work.
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I also meant to add in, no matter what method you try, and it seems like common sense after you read this, but when setting up the system, plug in the power supply by itself and test it alone before hooking up the full system. If it does surge or malfunction, at least you only fry the power supply, and not the console and HD.
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It is interesting to see some comments saying that all you have to do is buy a new PS ( Xbox360 brik) for north american voltage such as 110V to plug your 220V european or oversease Xbox .

Why ? because on the back of the console there is a sticker that says clearly that it is a 220V , buying a 110V brik sounds weird to me.

My only option is to look for a nice Power suply transformer , at least a 500W one to make it run and void any heating or fuse jumping of the transformer that can not give enough power.

I will investigate more if you can use a PS Xbox 360 110v in a 220V console , as it seems its hard to beleive .

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Guys its confirmed , all you have to do is buy a brik from the country where you are , despite the fact that the back stoker may say 220V or 110V it doesnt matter as the console originaly consumes only 12V converted out of 110V or 220V.

Here below is a comment a foud on MS forum for the same topic

I am using the same brick and now live in Thailand. I have been using a power transformer and just talked to xbox chat support. They told me there is no problem with using a different brick as they both output 12 v to the console