Can a Xbox 360 get a virus?

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#1 Posted by Arlabester (22 posts) -

Is it possible? I have some items on a flashdrive that I hook up to my 360. Is it possible to infect the 360?

#2 Posted by iam2green (13991 posts) -
no, because the xbox and windows operating system are different. if there is a virus on ur flash drive nothing will happen because xbox can't read .exe files on it.
#3 Posted by JayQproductions (1690 posts) -

not with 90% of common viruses and trojans, most are activated when windows/lenux (operating system) is started triggering the virus and since the 360 doesnt have and operating systems so to speak then in short, no unless it is a virus that was created specifically for the xbox

#4 Posted by lge777 (2504 posts) -

YES, you Xbox360 works off a binary code (like everything digital)which breaks down to a basic DOS operating system in the case of you xbox,which means a worm could easily be wrote for it. the problem for hackers is getting into the MS Xbox servers since they are not open source.Now if the came out with a Browser and you could download onto you system then YOU BET VIRUSES WOULD SPREAD.