Call of Duty WaW glitches

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I'm sure all of you who play this game multiplayer now realize that there are glitches in the game. What makes me mad is that whenever I play any mode on seelow and roundhouse, people use the glitch and shoot you from under the ground. When people do this, it ruins the fun for everyone. Why people feel the need to cheat is beyond me. Honestly, does anyone find increasing your kill to death ratio by cheating fun? For those of you that use the glitches, do you feel any sort of satisfaction after getting ridiculously high kill streaks? I just don't understand it.

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some people are just bad guys.

#3 Posted by Brak_N_Zorak (969 posts) -
they want to be the best but not earn the right way. some people suck.
#4 Posted by DZBricktop (2914 posts) -
The thing that pisses me off more than these "under the map" glitches not getting fixed fast enough, is that people use them. The fact that there are so many, makes almost half the maps un-playable. Lets get these f-ing things fixed already.
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Whenever I set up a nazi zombie glitch it runs for about five rounds then my xbox remote turns off and the game automatically pauses itself. does anyone know how to make it so either the remote stays on or it doesn't pause when it turns off
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Yeah, what you have to do is STOP CHEATING!!! What kind of pathetic loser can't win at Call of Duty without modding or glitching?!? You're a sad case.
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Go play another game lol.