Borderlands 2 level cap can't be raised!!!!

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#1 Posted by dzgword316 (23 posts) - Legit or bs? comments and thoughts
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Sounds legit to me, and understandable. I don't mind level caps personally, I don't know why people freak out about them so much. Top level is top level, congrats. 

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I still hope they raise the cap in the last expansion. Pretty messed up if they don't.

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It's BS. They could easily raise it and add a few extra side missions in for fun. Not sure why he puts the f word in when talking about it.. I used to think highly of Randy Pitchford but lately he is really showing his true colours. I should also say that the reason only 16 percent of people hit level 50 is because when you finish the game at level 34 there isn't anything left to do except grind up to level 50 in areas you have already been and fighting enemies you already fought numerous times before. Why would anyone bother?
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I was waiting for the DLC that would increase level cap to purchase the rest of them (already have pirate dlc). I guess I can sell my Borderlands 2 copy now :(

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If they knew that allowing players to go beyond level 50 would ruin the game balance, then they shouldn't have called the reach level 50 achievement Capped Out...For Now, they knew that we'd be expecting a level cap increase after the first game.

So yeah, small kudos for being honest, but they could have saved a lot of dashed hopes by explaining that a lot sooner, before the first DLC, maybe even before the first game came out, but what do we know? We're only the customers, we don't know anything.

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Doesn't really mind me, besides they are working with dlc and soon the next game
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I don't mind this at all. After all, you can reset your skills to your liking.