black ops 2 lag?

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#1 Posted by mrsavage9898 (1 posts) -
When I am in multiplayer online whenever I try to look left with RS its slow or non responsive. I tried the campaign to see if it was the controller but it worked fine. This has been going on since last night. Anyone else having this problem. My connection has all the bars so I don't get it.
#2 Posted by robbie80 (988 posts) -
It treyarch servers there terrible
#3 Posted by nightshade869 (3457 posts) -
Call of Duty has always used P2P servers. There are no dedicated servers.
#4 Posted by wazzap76 (290 posts) -

Could be a bunch of problems. Your controller, your connection, the hosts connection, or just the fact it's call of duty.

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I laughed at the thread title. It's Call of Duty and you expect anything less? Come on...

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Hi I'm new to this form, not sure if this is in the right place. Here's my problem when I play black ops 2 or any cod game I don't lagg, but when my brothers get on YouTube I lagg like crazy... If I plugged my Xbox into the router with a Ethernet cable will I still lagg?