BF4 Dawnbreaker Freeze

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I keep freezing on Dawnbreaker. This is the only glitch I've encountered, but it's very annoying, seeing as Dawnbreaker is my favorite map. I'll be playing, and the game just stops. Has anyone else gotten this problem?

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yup my 360 constantly crashes when i'm playin BF4 , and i know of others who are havin tha same issues.

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Same here, dawnbreaker is just a nightmare.... 8 put of 10 it freezes....

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@Maverick6585: Yes it only freezes on dawn breaker and it happens about 2 out of 3 times I play this map. It happens when the sun crests over the horizon and a few seconds later it freezes! I just quit out when the map comes up now.

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Is it still freezing cause I'm freezing still only with that map. What I want to know is why ea told me when I called is that no one has reported anything about it yet