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Hey everyone, I'm looking for a good RPG. It's been a long time since I've played a good RPG; in fact, the last one I really loved was Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Since then I've been hard pressed to find anything that even remotely satisfies me. It's a shame my PS3 doesn't have BC because I was really interested in picking up Persona 4...

Anyways, here are the RPG's I've tried and didn't really like:

1. Oblivion- Supposedly the best RPG ever my opinion it was BORING!

2. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2- Story wasn't really interesting or compelling, got bored of it a couple of hours in.

3. Final Fantasy XII- Such high hopes, such a disappointment to me...

4. Final Fantasy X- Very good RPG, but it's hard to live up to Final Fantasy VII...

So are the RPG's I'm looking at. Which do you think would be best for me?

I've played some of Fallout 3 and I like it, but I'm worried it'll be like Oblivion all over again...I just got out of the bunker for the 1st time..

Valkyria Chronicles is REALLY cool, but I have a bunch of PS3 games and if possible, I'd like to boost up my 360 collection. If anyone has played VC AND any of the afforementioned 360 games, please comment for me. I'd like to know what you think.

Never played Fable, but heard great things about it. My best friend's favorite game, but he hated Fable 2...

Mass Effect is here because BioWare made the last RPG that really blew me away...

Eternal Sonata is there because I heard it was a good game...


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ME i wish they could give some new news for the 2nd
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Fable II, only one I've played. It was good, short though and lacks epic scale that Oblivion had. Oblivion was a touch slow to me as well, got it on my PS3 though.
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From my personal experience and for my love of bioware I would go with Mass Effect, close ahead KOTOR.
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I'm torn between Mass Effect and Fallout 3. I'd probably go with Fallout 3, as although it bears almost no resemblance to the earlier Fallout games, it does still make me feel like I'm playing Fallout, and it's nice to feel that after all these years of waiting for a sequel. Thankfully it didn't turn out like Oblivion with guns :)
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i might be kind of biased going for Fallout 3 since Morrowind, not Oblivion, was one of many favorite gmaes ever

Fallout 3 is not like Oblivion wiht guns and ive gotten the most enjoyment out of my 360 playing Fallout 3

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You could try Lost Odyssey or Tales of Vesperia. I liked Lost Odyssey even more than Eternal Sonata.
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Tales of Vesperia is the best Xbox 360 RPG by far. Mass Effect was fun but I couldn't bother playing more then a single play through. Fable 2 is fun but far too short (maybe the addition of DLC will change that).
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Lost odyssey,Tales of vesperia,and then followed by Mass effect.
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Yeah, I was gonna' say "Tales of Vesperia" if you're looking for a JRPG fix it's a pretty good game, especially if you've played Eternal Sonata and liked it.
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Try Mass Effect, Last Remnant, Lost Odyssey or Tales Of Vesperia
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Fable 2... It's witty, charming, has CO-OP, and replay value. Also, they are adding a DLC expansion for it on Jan.13

#13 Posted by Penalty_of_Hero (196 posts) -
Oblivion and Mass Effect are my choice :)
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oblivion maybe, just got fallout 3 but the same sh*t! absolutely the same!... but well, kinda play again but for something i loved oblivion, mass effect is great also!, but no that adictive
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RPG? thats easy ninja gaiden 2
#16 Posted by spencer_119 (1027 posts) -
mass effect
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I would have to vote for Fable 2.
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IMO, Oblivion out beats all of those and since you didn't like it: I wouldn't recommend Fallout 3; same developer, same feel. And, from your standpoint, you say you enjoyed BioWare's last game, so just get Mass Effect.
#19 Posted by Senor_Kami (8437 posts) -
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2- Story wasn't really interesting or compelling, got bored of it a couple of hours in. knicknut17
Its starts off slow, but give that game another shot. Kreia is like the best character in a videogame ever. Plus the story starts to ramp up. The first stage in that game is utter crap. Utter crap beyond belief. If you stopped there, you really missed out.
Eternal Sonata is there because I heard it was a good gameknicknut17
Somebody told you a bold-face lie. Lost Odyssey is pretty good and Mass Effect is great.
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Tales of Vesperia is easily the best JRPG on the 360 thus far IMO. Lost Odyssey is nice but it just didn't click with me like Tales of Vesperia did. That was my first Tales game though, maybe if I had played a bunch of them I wouldn't have been as enamored. On the Western RPG front things get much more complicated. I personally would say Fallout 3, but this coming from someone who loved Oblivion. Perhaps Fable II or Mass Effect would be a better choice, although Mass Effect is pretty similiar to Fallout 3 as well only much more linear and story driven.
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Im still trying to wrap my brain around why Tales of Vepseria isn't on the poll...? D:
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Fallout 3 :) thats all.
#23 Posted by SouL-Tak3R (4024 posts) -
Gotta say, loved Mass Effect the most. Fallout was pretty good though.
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Valkyria is a ps3 game and where is Oblivion? I voted for FO3...sure ME has a better story and characters then FO3 and Oblivion but gameplay and replay value wise it falls short in my books.
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Thanks for all of your help. I decided to go with Mass Effect because at $14.99, why not??!?!?

I'm done with the 1st mission and about half way done with the 2nd one and so far I'm really liking the game a lot. The graphics are really detailed for an RPG and the story is quite interesting...I was actually looking for Tales of Vesperia at my local Gamestop, but they didn't have a copy with an original cover and manual (I'm a collector) so I'm going to hold off on that for a little while.

I actually prefer the story to be somewhat linear. Sandbox games drive me crazy sometimes because many times, I find them to be too open ended. I'll be sure to pick up Fallout 3 when Gamestop does a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale or something like that. Target was selling the game for $39.99, but they sold out real quick...

Anyways, thanks for all of your help. Mass Effect looks like a really special RPG in my book.

#27 Posted by iboo01 (2784 posts) -
Tales of Vesperia and Lost Odyssey in my opinion (none of the above)
#28 Posted by Floppy_Jim (25810 posts) -
Ignoring Valkyria Chronicles since it's not on the 360, Mass Effect.
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Fable2 was really good fun, and while it did have the option to continue playing after completion. It lacked alot of the depth and soul that Oblivion had.
The extensive guild system that Oblivion had really made the game for me, after defeating Mehrunes Dagon, why not endulge in some Fire hurling magery? Or some sword slashing, mace bashing from the fighters' guild. My personal favorite; the dark brotherhood, stealthing people out and killing them in the desired way.

I enjoyed the aging and perma-scar system of Fable2, i think it would really boost any RPG to have this feature, as long as it is set on a long enough time-line. Oblivion, storyline-wise is probably set over a few monthes. But after that what with all the extra bits. It could last as long as you want.

IMO; Oblivion is the BEST RPG for Xbox360. Love it.
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Valkyria Chronicles isn't on the 360.:o
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i liked Oblivion but i did not like fall out 3 at all which is odd seein as there almost the same game, but my favorite rpg game would be Lost Odyssey im more into the turn based types then real time, as for the pole i picked fable 2 cause its like the only one out of the bunch i played and i liked it enough to beat it
#32 Posted by -Ten- (7493 posts) -
Lost Odyssey was the truth. Loved that game
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i actually would of put Borderlands in there, thats my vote
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This thread just sheds light on how crappy Xbox RPG's are. That and there are hardly any of them. Whatever happened to the Action Adventure Role Playing Games of Yester-Year?

#35 Posted by KC_Hokie (16099 posts) -
Oblivion then Fallout 3.
#36 Posted by jrabbit99 (2835 posts) -
I think Oblivion is the best one!!! Go anywhere, do anything.... Best. RPG. Ever.
#37 Posted by orb_03_2006 (8494 posts) -
Fallout 3 was epic. Loved every second of it. :D
#38 Posted by moose_knuckler (5722 posts) -

2. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2- Story wasn't really interesting or compelling, got bored of it a couple of hours in.

I recommend you try it again because the story picks up even more once you get the core of Kreia's dialouge.
#39 Posted by AtomicBaconBits (8848 posts) -
Fallout 3 is my personal favorite.But it depends on what you like.The open ended style of Fallout 3 is not for everyone. Mass Effect series comes in at a close second,even though I wouldn't consider the second one to be a full fledged RPG.
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Fallout 3 :)

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I've dismissed F3 being an rpg solely for the fact that it uses guns. So, I'd say Eternal Sonata.

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Mass Effect. Why is Valkyria Chronicles on the list when it's only on the PS3?