best games - 30 dollars and below

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hey guys, i need a new game but i only have about 30 dollars or so that i want to spend, do you guys have any ideas of good games within that price range?

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r6v, graw 1 and 2, lost planet
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r6v, graw 1 and 2, lost planetpatsfan4liferjn

Lost Planet was terrible, buy it only if you want a laugh.

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dead rising

hitman blood money

graw 1 and 2

perfect dark zero

quake 4


wwe smackdown vs raw 07

need for speeds

crackdown maybe i dunno the price

theres lots more check platinum hits n stuff

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Go buy Fable and play that so you can be ready when Fable 2 comes out. I'm surprised how much I like Fable. It really does have a certain charm to it and the combat is surprisingly fun.

Not to mention the city simulation stuff is fun.

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Condemned and Oblivion.
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Elder scrolls IV: Oblivion (Not GOTY edition)
Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles Expansion
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Wow no FEAR? or CoD2? two of the best games on 360...

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Saints Row.
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GRAW and an 2, Vegas 1, Dead Rising
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There are a ton of good games for below $30 on Amazon. Including newer ones.
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Dead Rising, Forza 2, Oblivion, Call of Duty 2, Fight Night Round 3, Prey, PGR3.

I dont suggest Quake 4 or Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

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yea i got prey the other day for cheap and its pretty good.