Best 360 horror game?

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What, in your opinion, is the best Xbox 360 horror game.

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well, I think Bioshock is my favorite horror game. :D
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Condemned, or F.E.A.R.
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If doom 3 had the 360 name on the box then it would be the best in my opinion :) It is though BC with the 360.

I finished Alone in the Dark a few days ago and i really liked it a lot. Some very tense moments and pretty creepy going around in central park at night.

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having played all of these (on the poll), I can easily say that Fatal Frame 2 was BY FAR the scariest of this list. However it's not even an Xbox 360 game... even though the 360 will play the Xbox version of it which also happens to be the collector's edition (has more stuff that the PS2 version doesn't have). I recommend to everyone to give it a try.. the ancient japanese lore and the sacrificial rituals.. not to mention the amazing ghosts and the creepy atmosphere, makes it in my mind one of the scariest games of all time and it will be hard to dethrone!

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Where is left 4 dead?? It might not be that "scary" but it is very very intense with how many zombies are comming at ya and the super zombies to mix it up.

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Condemned: Criminal Origins

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I would have to say that of all the games on the 360 that Dead Space may be one of the scariest games out there. You are just running around and bodies that you think are dead just spring up and try to eat you. This has to be scary to most people.
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You actually put dead rising in there? monsters alone dont qualify as horror. fatal frame 2 came for the xbox not 360 obviously. as did doom 3. what kind of list is this?
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Terrible list dude, Condemened is the best tho

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Condemed, Dead Space, and possibly Bioshock should be up there

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Can you explain to me why Condemned or Dead Space is not on this list; those are by far the best horror games for the 360.
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Can you explain to me why Condemned or Dead Space is not on this list; those are by far the best horror games for the 360.levi895

Condemned wasn't that scary for me. Dead Space my heart race; I would rate it 5/5.

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1. Bioshock

2. Condemned 1/2

3. Dead Space

4. F.E.A.R.

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I strongly disagree with your list. And the answer is Dead Space,but RE5 might be hot. Forum closed!

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Bad list.. Anyway i'd say Dead space.

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Fatal Frame 2 is great... But I would have to say: Dead Space.


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Condemed 1+2, Dead Space and if it counts as a horror game - Bioshock

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Condemned or Silent Hill Homecoming deserve to be on the list. Silent Hill is probably the scariest one out of them all.
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Dead space
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quite honestly didn't go through all the posts, so if anyone said that Dead Space needs to be on the list, needs to replay it once or SOMETHING, cause that game was said to be one of the scariest games released in 2008. The game was really good and fun to play through, but certainly didn't scare me for a second.

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Dead Space
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wasn't even scary, nore meant to be. Older RE's were but not 5. RE5 is too open spaced to be meant to be a scary game. In that I mean the visuals are too open and you can see too far for it to be scary. If something comes running around a corner and scares you, then you should try walking around a busy city once. You'll be on an acid trip.

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Dead Space, hands down. It has been the only game, since the original silent hill, which actually shook me up. I just can't believe they put the prequel on Wii.
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Dead space

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dead space was in no way shape or form scary, i found it incredibly tedious and boring and blah.

I loved the fatal frame games for PS2.. Id have to say Condemned is my #1, i first played it on PC before it came out on xbox and loved it, then came the FEAR games

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I'm baffled how TC did not have Dead Space listed in poll, must have never played it I reckon.

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Dead Space. In my opinion one of the best horror games ever to be made!

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Resident Evil 5, Condemned, and Dead Space aren't on the list?
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Dead Space or Bioshock(is Bioshock is an horror game?)

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Wow, kinda funny seeing your own post 1 year later.

Oh well... Of games on the 360, then Id say Dead Space and the Condemned games.

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well, I think Bioshock is my favorite horror game. :Dorb_03_2006

Totally agree. I was replaying that recently and that game is straight up just wrong. The people or "splicers" as they're called are so far gone that it's creepy, and the things they say randomly when walking the halls can stress you out. You never know when one will be running at your back. It's almost a relief at times when you see a Big Daddy escorting a Lil Sis, because you can just throw Enrage at the splicers and have them get smacklab'd by the Big Daddy. Sweeeeeeet!! Probably the scariest part about that game is that the plot is actually plausible, maybe even possible.

Other than BioShock, I would turn to Condemned or Dead Space for my horror fix. Or you could check out Onechanbara, that game's pretty horrid.

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Resident Evil 5, Condemned, and Dead Space aren't on the list?masterpinky2000

Resident Evil 5 isn't a horror game, it's an action game. Lets get it straight.

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Bioshock isn't a horror game. The thing wasn't scary at all... Dead Space is my favorite horror game though.
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Silent Hill: Homecoming
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I liked Condemned and Bioshock, but I have Dead Space still to play... Right now I'm playing RE5 and the horror factor isn't there anymore, I really liked the fourth one with the Spanish speaking zombies saying: "Morir es vivir".... that really creeped me out the first time I heard it :P
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Between the three I've played, Bioshock, Dead Space and condemned, I'll stay with Dead Space.
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I think Condemned 1 is not a horror game... but Condemned 2 scare the sh*t out of me with the weird the black levels.

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Dead Space, Bioshock and despite the lack of survival horrer feel, I'll still include Resident Evil 5.
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condemed 2
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You composed an Xbox 360 horror genre list without BioShock?

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Condemned, or F.E.A.R.Dr_Snood


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Woah I didnt know Fatal Frame was on the 360. o_O Does it have enhanced graphics? Anyways my choice is Fatal Frame. I don't understand how Dead Rising is there. :p