Battlefield 3 and Black Ops are stil alive???

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I have been absent from internet services the last year and don't know how the community is working..I am thinking of going back since I have the necessary free time,but don't want to spend much money on buying new games,cause I am saving for XOne..If you don't mind,I would like to know how these games are going and if I will find players there??or should I buy at least something new to be more alive??Thanks for your time guys!

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i've been waiting for someone to make a thread like this. i've been wondering if the real gaming community is still playing BF3 or black ops 1. i play those two games EVERY day. the're probably the games i have the most fun with while playing online. people are still online but is anybody here still playing it like crazy here or even play it at all?

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I sometimes play Black Ops 1 and really enjoy it but i dont play it everyday

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Well, World at War is 2 years older and still has 2000-5000 people playing at all times. Black Ops is probably doing just as well, if not better. Black Ops 2 has over 400000 playing. Don't know about Battlefield 3, though.