Arkham Knight only on Next-Gen. The end of Xbox is nigh!

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I remember during the Xbox One conference they said they would continue to produce Xbox games, that they are not leaving it behind. It's only been a few months and already they've announced a series that was on Xbox only being released for Xbox One. I'm a fan of the series and even though the last one was pretty bad (check out my review - shameless plug), the next game is going back to the original developers and I'm sure they'll step up their game this time. However, it saddens me that they have chosen this route and I may not get a chance to play it. To be honest, I'm not a fan of Xbox One or PS4 from the gameplay graphics I've seen. Besides, where I'm from it is really pricey to purchase any of those consoles.

I don't know how these things work. Maybe it has nothing to do with the developers or maybe they've cut a better deal with Xbox/PS4 this way and it's just a marketing strategy. Either way, I'm interested in hearing your opinions. Is this the beginning of the end for Xbox?

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i'll assume you're talking about the 360 and how long it will continue to get new games: probably a bit longer, but, I don't expect too long, since, it wouldn't make sense to do so.

however, I still pick up original xbox games and will continue to buy old 360 games for years to come.

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Maybe arkham knight is so awesome that last gen systems couldn't handle it, who knows. Anyway the only support we'll sadly see for ps3/360 after this year will be sports titles and COD. I'm in the same situation, I don't want to shell out for a xbone or ps4 yet but looks like I'll have no choice soon if I want to play the latest releases.

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Obviously !

They can't lure you into the new gen so instead their gona squeeze you out of the old one. Atleast thats the theory for exclusive games. Don't know why WB hasn't opted to go for the gen with a higher potential of sales.

Or maybe, just maybe this is the "lure" we've been waiting for, a true next gen game, no I'm not talking in terms of graphics. Even for Rocksteady it seems like just a pipe dream though.

So..... 7th Gen Port Please ! :D

also no Wii U version ? :O how dare they !

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I'm personally glad these last gen systems won't be holding us back, and we can get to see what the next-gen systems can really do. Yeah it might suck if you're a PS3/360 owner but this game will probably be launched around the end of the year, so support for the 360 will obviously start to slowly distinguish as developers start to focus only on the next generation. By that time the XB1/PS4 might see a price drop and better bundles announced, so it'd be no better time to make the jump.