Are there any good X1 Kinect games coming out?

#1 Posted by greywolf333 (205 posts) -

I'm getting an X1 and my kids loved some of the Kinect games on the 360. But at the moment I don't see a lot of really good kids Kinect games and was wondering if anyone knew of any good ones coming out?

#2 Posted by SolidTy (43825 posts) -

Not that I've seen.

There's a Dancing game coming out though it might be on 360 too.

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The only upcoming game that I'm interested in is "Shape Up" from Ubisoft. Some people in my household are too lazy to exercise and this game looks like it would make workouts more fun.

#4 Posted by tmorri603 (384 posts) -

Fantasia game by Disney is coming out in October. I think that is going to be the biggest Kinect game.