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I'm currently playing Shoot Many Robots and Guardians of Middle-Earth. I'm enjoying them both quite a bit and came to the realization that I'm probably missing out on other good arcade games as well considering how I just recently started with arcade games. Any Arcade recommendations? I'm mostly into shooters, rpgs, hack&slash, MOBAs.

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Don't know if it's still available, but Aegis Wing was a fun little shooter when it debuted (for free) a few years back. And it's co-op too, which definitely gives it some replay value.

Certainly, Lumines Live! is my all-time favorite XBLA game. Don't know if puzzles are your cup of tea, but I've played the heck out of this game in the 5 years I owned it.

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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is an amazing game.It doesn't have all the thing from the PC edition, but can still be a fun game.Its a FPS sandbox game.

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A couple of arcade games that are good are Mars War Logs and The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead game,

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Haven't played it myself but I've heard Shadow Complex is a fun 2D shooter, reminiscent of the old Metroid games.

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Shadow complez, Limbo, Splosion Man, Trials Evolution, From Dust, Battleblock theatre, Far Cry Blood dragon, Call of Juarez Gunslinger, Monday Night Combat (which is a mix of MOBA and FPS)

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shadow complex is great, castlevania symphony of the night, minecraft, puzzle fighter hd, castle crashers, any magic the gathering game.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll have to check them out... the ones that caught my eye were The Wolf Among US, Monday Night Combat, shadow complex and the walking dead.

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@bowchicka07: the good thing is that you can try them, before you purchase them!

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Shadow complex and the Tomb raider game that is free right now

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Just an update. I've downloaded Serious Sam and Lara Croft GoL. Both seem really fun so far.

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The Lara Croft game is a blast! even funner with a friend.

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I recommend you try out a neat Sega game called of my xbla favorites.

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Couple under-appreciated games are Cloudberry Kingdom, Runner 2: Bit Rip the Legend Continues (something like that) and Outland. There's tons of great games to find on XBLA, hopefully this will continue into the next generation.

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Pinball FX 2 Lots of tables lots of fun

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Some of my favorites are Castle Crashers, Turtles In Time, Trials, Shadow Complex, Braid, Super Meat Boy.