Anyone want to play 1v1 in halo 3?

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#1 Posted by MAVI2ICK (3 posts) -
If anyone is down for a good 1v1 game on guardian just hit me up. I not the best player but not a complete push over either. Just looking to have some fun. GT: M A V I2 I C K and those are capital i's not lowercase L's lol
#2 Posted by gorbysantos (6 posts) -
i was just thinking the other day that spyro should be in the game
#3 Posted by Evdne971 (277 posts) -
Edven971 coulda gone pro years ago. Haven't played since then let's see what I got
#4 Posted by MAVI2ICK (3 posts) -
I'll be on tonight after work, Il just send u an invite when I get on