Anyone know any good RPG Games?

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#1 Posted by cmt413 (15 posts) -
Hey, just wondering if anyone knows any good RPG games like Oblivion or Assassin's Creed for Xbox 360 or PC.
#2 Posted by craigalan23 (15879 posts) -

AC isn't an rpg. Anyway Mass effect,Lost odyssey,Eternal sonata,and Blue dragon.

Too human,Fable 2,Fallout 3,Last remnant,Tales of vesperia,and Infinite undiscovery are coming out as well.

#3 Posted by cmt413 (15 posts) -
Yeah, I know it's not a RPG anything along the lines of RPG/Action/Adventure.
#4 Posted by BigGhost_AJT (924 posts) -

KOTOR. Can't go wrong with a classic and you can get it for a song these days. Mass Effect is ok great story but a lot of little technical issues. I'm looking into Eternal Sonata as well. Seems to have that 16 bit RPG vibe about it that I love.

Many will say Oblivion. I don't care for it though I'm willing to give it another chance.

#5 Posted by drumbreak1 (1316 posts) -
mass effect is amazing so much fun one of my best purchases of all time
#6 Posted by drumbreak1 (1316 posts) -
and btw theyve fixed issues in patches so void all of the reviews dont get it do to technical problems
#7 Posted by mmackura (237 posts) -

Lost Odyssey is a great true RPG, with turn based combat. You seem more into the action/RPG sort of thing. So I'd recommend Mass Effect for now. When Fallout 3 and Fable II come out you should check those out as well.

Also check out our Union "The State of RPGs" in my sig. It should keep you up to dae on all the current RPGs coming out.

#8 Posted by BigGhost_AJT (924 posts) -

and btw theyve fixed issues in patches so void all of the reviews dont get it do to technical problemsdrumbreak1

What issues have they fixed in patches? Please say Mako driving...

#9 Posted by stillmatic- (282 posts) -

You should for sure get Mass Effect..probably the top 3 games I've played on 360 hands down.

Also, Fable 2 is coming out soon, so if you have both these games it's greate, because they are totally differant RPG's.

#10 Posted by SexyMatters (30 posts) -
Yeah get Mass effect! :)
#11 Posted by TheRevanent (201 posts) -
Mass Effect and Oblivion are both very very good.
#12 Posted by landpirate36 (71 posts) -
def Mass Effect, that shoulda won story of the year.
#13 Posted by Theaterguy916 (3 posts) -
Lost Odyssey is great! Its very much like playing a pre-ff12 game all turn based, but good story and alot of character skill customization. Mass Effect is fun too, alot more action. If you haven't played the demo of too human yet, I highly recommend it. And, of course, you can't go wrong w/ Fable 2 as soon as it comes out.
#14 Posted by SaintJotun (176 posts) -
Oblivion, Lost Odyssey, Eternal Sonata, Enchanted Arms.
#15 Posted by charma (578 posts) -

For the PC Morrowind is still good, especially if you liked Oblivion before.

I've got a lot of the mods running on Morrowind and it's a lot better graphically than the version out of the box.

#16 Posted by Dinakdakan (153 posts) -
mass effect, blue dragon & lost odyssey
#18 Posted by thinktank_09 (32 posts) -
Mass Effect and KOTOR 1 and 2. Cannot go wrong with those, especially if you already have Oblivion.
#19 Posted by kozzy1234 (35266 posts) -

Assassins Creed isnt an rpg.. its an action adventure game.

Here are my fav rpgs on the 360 =

1. Lost Odyssey

2. Mass Effect

3. Eternal Sonata

4. Oblivion

5. Band Of Bugs

6. Blue Dragon

Stay away from = Two Worlds and Enchanted Arms, both terrible rpgs.

Also be on the look out for the new Star Ocean, Tales Of Vesperia, Fallout 3, Fable 2, new FInal Fantasty, INfinite Undiscovery and the new Lost Remnant rpg