Anyone else finding it very hard to wait?

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Will get the x1 but finding it very hard to wait for the 22nd. Could have gotten the ps4 but chose to cancel. anyone else?

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Yes the wait is getting tougher now. I just want the console already, it's been such a huge buildup and controversial few months. I don't want to think about it, and I have a few unfinished 360 games to keep me busy, but wherever I turn I get reminded of the upcoming next gen release.

Also, ever since I saw that X1 dashboard demo, it seems like my 360 is operating in slowmotion....I want the upgrade now lol!

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Not at all.

Stop being an anxious consumer, and do something else

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I can wait until the 22nd there are lots of games I'm playing on my xbox 360.

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nope. Pile of shame keeping me busy.

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I definitely am. I have personally had enough of the current gen and cannot wait for it to end.

What i have seen so far has impressed me, specifically on the X1. Roll on the 22nd.

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@kingoflife9: I put off the PS4 order as well as I have plenty of stuff I want to get done on the PS3 and nothing "day one" on PS4 is grabbing me right now. I did get my hands on a PS4 controller last weekend and I am very happy to say it's more "XBox Like". On the XBox side I am spending time using a joystick with Forza 4 as 5 will not be compatible with my Microsoft Driving Wheel(!) and I am not ready to pay $400 for the driving controller that may (or may not) be shipped "day one".

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I haven't been able to wait for a while. I got to play Forza and Killer Instinct from one of their SUVs in Dallas, and then I went to the Area One event in Dallas and got to play BF4, DR3, KI, Fifa, and Ryse. I can tell you that Ryse had amazing visuals and the gameplay was incredibly fun. I felt so pumped up after my session with Ryse was over, it makes you feel like a badass after those executions, although contrary to popular belief, they are totally optional.

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I am fine with waiting. The PS4 actually comes out a week after the XB1 in Australia.

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I can't wait. Cancelled my ps4 pre-order last week after testing it at Best Buy and seeing that it was really very average. X1 just offers so much more. I will be getting 5-6 games at launch. Going to be awesome.

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You guys got it easy.Me and my wife are getting xbone as a family Christmas gift,so I have to wait till then. It will be worth it when I see the look on my sons face,cant wait.

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Nope. I'm perfectly fine waiting. Besides, I have games on 360 yet to even finish.

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not really , i have a list of old games that i want to play on 360 . i'll get xbox one next summer

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@VERTIGO47 said:

Nope. I'm perfectly fine waiting. Besides, I have games on 360 yet to even finish.

Yes I still have 5 games to play on my 360.

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Hard wait, indeed. But it's coming down to the wire soon. 1 week left!

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6 days left imos

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I've been kept entertained as there is plenty of games this gen I've missed out on and am catching up with. Only a week to go till Xbox One now though, the excitement is building!

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I picked up my copy of COD Ghosts yesterday at EB Games (Australia), now I need the console:

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Nice pic dude

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I'll be finding it extra hard as I'm unable to get the Xbox One until January! :(

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I'll probably get an X1 after I'm done with Dark Souls 2.

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Not hard for me to wait because I need more time with Killzone Shadowfall.

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5 days left.

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It is the first time in history that we technically get a console before the US (the PS4 is out here on the following Friday, 2 weeks after the US).

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My PS4 Killzone bundle is payed off and I'm just playing the waiting game. Now on the Xbox side of things I'm just trying to source an Xb1 Day One Edition bundle in Australia.....

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I have to wait to play PS4 at Christmas and I'm trying to budget to get an Xbox One as soon as I can. Forza 5 will be my first purchase and then dead Rising 3.

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4 days to go

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3 days 12 hours 35 mins

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I'm finding it very difficult to wait. Having only had a PS3 since I gave my 360 to my brother (who lost his in a divorce), I haven't had the Microsoft experience. However, I have the PS4 to make my wait seem less long. I just don't get the Sony vs. Microsoft thing. I like both of them because of their differences and their exclusives.

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yes we're nearly home and dry.

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I picked up my PS4 last Friday but have to wait for Christmas. So I'm anxious about picking up the Xbox One so that I have something to play for now. :)

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Xbox One will be mine tomorrow! Shame I'll be at work for what'll seem like an eternity before I can go and pick it up, but its amazing to think that after all the hype and excitement, people will be queuing up for the launch as I type this, as it is now only an hour away over here!

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Already came out here 12 hours ago. But I won't spoil it for you guys.

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I should receive my xbox one today.