Anybody got an issue with left bumper?

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I like the Xbox one controller more than my ps4 one, but the left bumper sucks on my xbox one controller. It feels much less clicky than the right one. Anybody else have the same issue?

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I'm guessing it's either one or the other...Mine is not sticking but I damn sure know I'm gonna have to get used to pressing in on it. No doubt THAT is my only complaint about the controller. It was better on the last controller. Sticking? No....but I'm not a fan of the shoulder buttons.

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Ok I opened up my second controller that came with the play and charge kit and both bumpers are so much better. They actually feel clicky like my xbox 360 bumpers. Now I need to try to find another console to exchange the controller or send it in for repairs. :(

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I have the exact same issue as you bro. Mine is opposite though on the controller. I picked up the controller with the play & charge kit bundled with it at Gamestop, like 2 days before midnight release. Took it home and opened it to get a feel for the controller and I noticed that the bumpers feel less of a click than the Xbox 360, I was thinking to myself why is it a bit stiff? My only gripe and I figured I'd have to get use to it, cause especially my left bumper, when I click on it, it moves my left trigger as well, just slightly.

When I went to pick up my Xbox One though was a different story, I grabbed the controller from within the console and the bumpers are much better, no stiffness to them and my triggers don't move when I press the bumpers. I'm debating because the 2nd controller would be for my Brother when he wants to play time in time cause he isn't too big on the games or if I have a friend over and I could just use the one that came with the console or if I should just call Microsoft and see if they'll replace it for me

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I managed to get a new xbox one retail box and the second controller is much better. It seems that it's a bit of a hit and a miss.

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my right bumper is very clicky.... the left one is alot left clicky. i only have the single controller that came with my day one edition from amazon.

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FYI you are supposed to push it with the side of your finger. It's harder to push into if you try to push it like the 360 controller. Try just applying pressure to the bumper with the side of your finger the way it naturally touches it when your finger is already on the trigger. Just something to try, I found it to be very effective.

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my left bumper is more clicky than my right one.

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I don't have my xbox one yet, it arrives on Friday, but I saw this and thought it might be helpful

I'd be interested to know if this makes a difference?

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@bob_loblaw1981: yeah, this is what I was saying in my comment above

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@dinb: just return the defective controller as the individual one you bought. i dont see the difference and it saves you a headache of returning your console just for the controller issue that you shouldnt have had to deal with in the first place

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Yeah I got a new controller and it works great. You shouldn't need to overthink how to use the bumpers. If they work properly they are very similar to the 360 ones.

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I have same issue. My left bumper is less clicky than the right one. Not happy about it but nothing I can do I guess.