Am I the only one whose Battlefield 4 will not save?

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Twice now after playing for hours on BF4 single player campaign, I have gone back in to find no saved game. I have to start at the begging again. Anyone else had this or fixed it?

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I was about 2 hours in last night and i come to find that the game did not save. So i just went immediately to multiplayer in anger... The campaign was actually pretty fun until i had lost all of my medals and unlocks...

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Same thing happened to me, twice.

Also, with the MP acting up, I returned it and swapped it for Ghosts. I've been playing that but I REALLY want to be playing BF. I came on here to see if it's been updated yet on XB1 and it appears not. :(

I bought it again today on an extended Black Friday sale but if it's still basically broken I won't bother even trying to play until it's patched.

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Patch coming around 12/2 for XB1

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Patch coming around 12/2 for XB1

glad to hear this and the other posts as my sp progress did not save either, 2 hour of gameplay gone...however I decided to start a new game since I was liking it.

I only got about 15 min. into and thought I better wait in case it doesn't save again...although I do have the "resume" to play option, I think i'll wait and start over again when/if it get addressed?

for the record I'm not really glad to hear any of this and wish it wasn't an issue, but it is...


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Battlefield has been a mess lately, the first couple days I could play as expected, then all of a sudden my game save is gone, the conquest matches are nowhere to be found and there is an extremely terrible lag in all the matches I join, they actually dropped the ball with this game, and as someone said I'll wait until there is a fix to all these problems, ha and they expect us to upgrade to premium....

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Yea I had the same problem. I saved after the 3 mission. When I came back to play the 4th it was asking me to select a difficulty. Also today the multiplayer crashes after every match I play. It just quits to the dashboard.

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"turn around...every now and then I get a little bit tired of listening to this intro song again and again..."

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@nascar1 said:

"turn around...every now and then I get a little bit tired of listening to this intro song again and again..."


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No, I have the same problem and it's very annoying. I'm just playing the MP for now until it's fixed.

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I was hoping this was fixed. It's really disappointing.

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This might be a stupid question and I know it's not on this topic,but can anyone tell me how to change weapons/guns/etc... on Battlefield 4.I felt like I have tried everything.I've been using the same guns and such since I bought the game on day one.Please help this Fool.Thank You.