Aiming in Halo 3 is Too Difficult

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Does anyone agree with me that it's too hard to aim in Halo 3. I really think the aim-assist should be a little stronger. If it didn't take so many bullets to kill someone, I guess the aim issue wouldn't be as bad. I get so tired of getting a guy's health down to nothing only to have him turn a corner so I am unable to put the last bullet in him.

I probably just suck at the game, despite having played over 1,800 matches, but just wondering if anyone else agrees. I thought aiming in Halo 2 was a lot easier. It just felt more fluid. And aiming in COD4 is also a hell of a lot easier. But in Halo 3, it's like there's a stiffness to it or something. I've tried increasing the look speed but it just makes things even harder.

I dunno...I was pretty good at Halo 2. Not a great player, but defintely above average. But in Halo 3 I am lucky to get a positive k/d ratio. i usually break even or just end up getting a crapload of assists. I have noticed that people get a lot more assist in Halo 3 then they did in Halo 2, and that can be explained by the fact that it is indeed harder to aim now.

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nah i didnt notice anything different, other than the fact the maps suck, the aiming is pretty much the same, well maybe my sensitivity needs to be turned up a little, but nothing major. also in saying that, i am awful with the sniper, i was pretty good in halo 2, but havent really found the same groove in halo 3, every other gun is fine, i probs just need more practice

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why you dont try adjusting the senstivity etc in the options of the game and you can probally make it bit more responsive for your selt i find it fine myself. try team swat to improove ur aim as its headshots but aint that hard as its single shots kills em
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the shooting is actually easier in my opinion
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To me its much easier than halo 2, i think that some people just cant get the hang of aiming, i never had that problem, like that guy said lower your sensitivity and i dont know how u use ur thumb for the analog to aim but try using the ball of ur thumb instead of the tip if thats what u use, and use it in a rolling action, maybe that will work for you.
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So basicly your saying you want MORE auto aim in a game all ready chauked full of it? Nice!
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i think its just u. sometimes i can be good other times i suck at it.
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Adjust your settings. Problem solved.

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its definitely harder to aim in Halo3 than Halo2 but I dont really think thats such a bad thing - it just separates the real players from the noobs a little more
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this is just MY opinion.

but, i think the reason why i don't play halo 3 much anymore is because.... well it's too easy for me. lol

i got to skill 40 in lone wolves in like one weekend and no i didn't play all day all night.

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this is just MY opinion.

but, i think the reason why i don't play halo 3 much anymore is because.... well it's too easy for me. lol

i got to skill 40 in lone wolves in like one weekend and no i didn't play all day all night.


I actually agree, my friend plays it religiously, so he pops it in when he comes over and we switch off. I really don't play much worse than him, I'm always positive K/D I don't really drop the ball often. Sometimes I have my bad games, but don't we all? I've never played Halo 1 or 2.

Halo 3 to me is pretty easy. Try your sensitivity, you have to practice and get comfortable with one.

The hard part for me was switching between what I'm used to in CoD4, and what I use in Halo 3. Just takes practice man.

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im a great sniper in halo 3 so i say it is pretty easy 8) much easier on pc though in halo 1
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I guess I really suck then because I can't get my Lone Wolves higher than 33. LOL. :)
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I guess I really suck then because I can't get my Lone Wolves higher than 33. LOL. :)Lance_Kalzas
well it is easier to rank up when you first start

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ya i no thats why i dont play halo 3 anymore/ its way to competitive. it juss pisses me off. and just to think that greasy zit-faced total **** ups are laffing at you and humping your dead body pisses me off/ and the maps really suck

theres just not enough motivation to play it. the only reason to play is to rank up and like anybody cares what your rank is its not like your winning money for winning a match

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I guess so, I win most of my matches, I am typically positive on my K/D ratio ( I know this doesn't exactly affect ranking specifically) but overall I do pretty good. It's a real struggle to get it any higher so I pretty much just play to have fun with it. :)
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Oh yeah, plus there are far too many high ranking players, 45 and up, who create a new account just to slaughter lower ranking players. I think that's completely ridiculous.
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r u sped?
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What does "r u sped?" mean? I have no idea. Can you try that again in English?
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I have no problem with the aiming in Halo 3, try to change your sensitivity.

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yea i rarely ever get a negative k/d ratio, and even then i still am not a perfect aim, just some games its like you forget how to play for some reason lol, i cant really get past 38, but i only try so often to do it so my Mu goes down and up when i play
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It's not that aiming is "hard;" it's simply because the aiming in Halo 3 is far below the quality it should be. I notice that the aiming in Halo 3, as well as in all of the previous Halo games, is that it is somewhat "rugged" and not as "fluid" as it should be (I'm pretty sure this is the result of the god damned auto-aim as well as Bungie's lack of effort to make an evenly balanced and smooth aiming reticule.) Think I'm talking crazy? Check out Call of Duty 4's aiming and come back to me - they've got it all figured out. Halo 3 is an amazing game, well deserved of all the acclaim and recognition it has recieved.. it's just not perfect. And it's also not because it is a console game.. again, Call of Duty 4 on the 360 proves otherwise.
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Ranked Team Swat Coming Soon. One shot to the head.