Advise on Xbox One and Asus Monitor

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Hi Guys - I'm new to this forum, not really sure if this is the right section to post, excuse me if it's not. Anyways, Im thinking on buying an Xbox One console to play Titan Fall (which looks awesome btw). The thing is that i will need to buy a monitor in order to play. I'll be using an HDMI cable of course, and im considering on buying the following Asus monitor from newegg:

Can anyone please give any advise if that monitor will be good enough to play xbox one games?

Or if you have any suggestions, it will be appreciated.


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I mean, pretty much any LED monitor's going to be solid enough. The real questions are -- Why not just get a TV? Also, do you have an outside source of sound? Those monitor speakers are usually pretty awful.

Insignia 32" LED

179 bones for a 32 inch TV, which should have better speakers. I've used this brand almost exclusively and have never had any problems with it. It's Best Buy's exclusive brand that I believe they outsource to LG or Toshiba, so you're getting a really nice television for a diminished cost. Either way, you can get a lot more screen real estate for 150-180$. Seeing that most Xbox One games aren't running in 1080p, I wouldn't worry too much about resolution, though it is possible to find a 1080p display in that price range.

Also, welcome to the message boards.

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Decent price, but little things to consider like does it feature in-built speakers? another thing is 23" is very small in my opinion unless you plan to sit pretty close to the screen it might not suit you. It'll be perfect for a PC screen obviously as you will be sitting close to it, but for console gaming that depends how far back you'll be.

Honestly like the above poster said you can find a decent 1080p HDTV these days for about the same price, if not cheaper and at a bigger screen size. I wouldn't go anything less than 1080p though as that's the standard these days. Good luck.

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I have the exact monitor, and it's outstanding as a PC monitor, but I haven't played my XB1 on it. I can only recommend the monitor if you will be playing within 1-4ft from the screen. If you're going to play from farther away, I would say: invest in a bigger screen.

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A great monitor to buy for Xbox one or any console is the benq RL2455hm. Its at a reasonable price on amazon and looks great. You have to mess around with the settings a little to get the picture just right but its one of the best monitors for console gaming and has the lowest input lag. I bought one around black Friday and will never be able to play on a tv again. The price should be around 200.