Add me on xbox 360 PLZ!!

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Hi there gamers sometime I can get really lonely on xbox live. I try to start a party but none of my friends would join, even doe I like having partys but it's rare for me to actually play with my friends. So I was just wondering guys and girls that if you can add me so I don't have to suffer. GamerTag: BuyingRexxyonk7

I play:


Saints row 4

call of duty mw3

call of duty black ops 2

call of duty mw2

Minecraft which I love having multiplayer survival with.

I'm mostly often online I will accept all request if my list is not full and if I am online, but that won't be a issue.

Thanks, peace! :)

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I also have a mic and I am 15 years old. You can be any age to add me as a friend.

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