A Legit Skylanders white 360 slim for $149

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#1 Posted by AlexTracy (76 posts) -

I just found this on Ign's black friday deals but i can't find it on any other site.http://www.ign.com/wikis/deals/Walmart_2012. I would totally buy this even thou i don't know what skylanders is just because its white and i've never seen it before. It might be sold in the unfavorable kinect bundle actually. And it's cheap.

#2 Posted by Doomminion (42 posts) -

Kinect does not come with it and yes it is a special 360 that comes in that bundle.Skylanders is a game where you play as monsters taking on evil monster who wants to take over the world i think.Looks like a fun game to play cause you can play it on the other systems as well ps3/wii/wiiu etc.All you will need is the game on other system and your character that you will be using to play as

#3 Posted by ItsEvolution (2593 posts) -
I got one last night. Heck of a deal, whether you like Skylanders or not. Those who don't could sell the game and basically have a brand new 360 for about $100.