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I just finished my stacks for gaming through years since 1997, and while it proved somewhat challenging to recall most of

the games I'm satisfied with the results, I can compile my gaming habits, and be able to observe a few patterns and really

get to actually see from the outside what my favorite games and kind of games are, the generation that is just ending

brought the most gaming for me and I got to experience a lot of different games and genres.

First of all, my favorite franchises, MAss Effect games were the best each year that they came out, Splinter Cell has

been always among the best of them with each iteration, and so has Halo main games (wars, ODST and Anniversary are

the ones I'm not to fond of), and I got to be a huge fan of Bethesda RPGs, Assassin's Creed got two games that came on

top on different years, but also had good (butnot that good) games, Batman Arkham games were also among the best with

each new entry, both Rainbow Six Vegas games were the second best each year they came out (so naturally I want a new one)

and Far Cry has been also one of the most propositiveshooters out there, and Crysis made some interesting cases with

their new iterations, I also see that I enjoy new franchises and IPs every thime they come out, and well last but not

least, Stealth games, and RPGs are my favorite genres out there.

Also, Call of Duty marked a huge trend this generation, but I did not enjoy but the first couple modern warfare,

after that I kind of got done with the series, the reboot from Tomb Raider and Devil May Cry, drew me to try the newest

installments, and enjoy them more than the predecessors, Battlefield brought me great joy in the Bad Company iterations,

but failed in the console versions for part 3 and 4.

Finally, I can safely say that my most played game of the past generation was Skyrim, it brings a lot of fun and immersion

to me making me try different things all the time, and taking the time to explore and amaze at the scope of the game, most

of my game time was made in the 360 (although I owned all the consoles at some point), and well I just have to feel

happy for all the gaming I got this generation and I also got to knew some nice folk (mostly gamespoters) because of this


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Xbox One awaits you my friend..... Let the new adventure begin!

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@BattleSpectre: yeah actually I got a Xbox One on launch, and so far it's a good experience (specially knowing that the games I'm playing are just the launch titles), I reposted my blog here, because I'm curious about people take on last generation.