360 Wont show Video?

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#1 Posted by Mustang360ZX (267 posts) -
When I turn my 360 on the sound plays but the picture doesnt come. Can please help me I tried two different TVs and two different av wires but the picture doesn't show. Has anyone had this problem before.
#2 Posted by lrsp (769 posts) -
Maybe you messed with the settings on the 360 dealing with video. If that's the case then I don't know how you can change the settings back if you can't see the screen. Maybe the graphics card on your 360 is cooked. I'm sure the graphics and sound aren't connected. Is there a way to completely reset your 360? If so try that, otherwise I don't know how to help. Sorry.
#3 Posted by Thorpe89 (19548 posts) -

Try this:

Turn on your Xbox 360 by holding the guide button on the controller.

Then, hold down the Y and right trigger buttons together whilst it boots up.

This resets the display settings. That may help.