360 will not work with face plate on.

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I bought a new faceplate for my 360. When I put it on , the power button stopped working and the disk tray button will not work. I put the old face plate back on...same thing, buttons no longer work. The only way the 360 will work is with no faceplate on at all and I have to use the controller to power up the console.

Anyone have any ideas or experience with this? It worked just fine before I tried to change plates.


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Maybe it didn't like the new faceplate and now it's pissed at you.

Sorry, all I can offer for now is petty humor. I'll do some research for ya and see what I can dig up. If I'm not back in 5 minutes, you can guess I've found nothing.
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Okay. First of all, check your power chord and MAKE ABSOLUTELY sure that everything is connected properly (both on the 360 AND to the power outlet).

As for the disc tray, I found some info indicating that it may indeed be the faceplate that is jamming it. Hope this helps.

Problem: Your Xbox 360's disc tray doesn't open when you press the Eject button or when you select the Open Tray option from the console's menu.

Solution: The Xbox 360's removable faceplate may not be properly attached, effectively blocking the tray from sliding open. Check the faceplate. If you're unpacking your Xbox 360 for the first time, make sure you remove the transparent adhesive strip covering the disc drive tray and Eject button. If you improperly inserted a disc or if it was jarred from its proper position, then the disc drive tray may not open. With the power off, orient the Xbox 360 horizontally, power the system on, and then try to eject the disc again. If this doesn't work, contact the Xbox 360's customer support.

To manually eject the disc tray, start by turning the console off and removing the memory units and attached controllers. Next, remove the console's faceplate by pulling at the notch at the far right of the faceplate (with the console oriented horizontally). Make sure you brace the console, so you don't drop or damage it. Next insert a straightened paper-clip or stiff wire into the manual eject hole below the disc drive tray. Depending on your Xbox, the hole may be 1 inch from the right side of the tray, 1.5 inches from the left side of the tray, or the first hole from the left side of the tray. Releasing the mechanism will pop the disc tray out a little, letting you pull it all the way open to retrieve your disc.
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try without faceplate its probobly just not firmly on
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is it on the right the right way :P
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Ya man i had the same problem, Im guessing by taking off the face plate it moved the circuit bored with the button on it a bit. So when u put the plate on it its always pushing the power button wich would explain why you cant push the eject button to turn it on unless u take the faceplate off. So what i did is i called microoft and they aranged all the sipping and stuff, so im xboxless for a while but i dont care cause i'll be in rome!
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Maybe it didn't like the new faceplate and now it's pissed at you.

Sorry, all I can offer for now is petty humor. I'll do some research for ya and see what I can dig up. If I'm not back in 5 minutes, you can guess I've found nothing.


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thats wierd.


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what face plate was it cuz if its for a game you dont have your 360 pissed and was like epic fail and didnt want you putting another game in it, it will not server you anymore its disloyal

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quite possibly the weirdest problem I've heard... I'm really at a loss, are you sure that the faceplate is correctly seated to the 360, It sounds like the faceplate is getting in the way of the buttons some how (either not letting them get pushed or being held down the whole time). Other than that I can't think of anything sorry...
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I've got the same problem. What makes it worse is that the only reason I removed the faceplate in the first place was so that I could ship the Xbox off for the RROD problem! I have the same problem with the power button not working too. As for the disk tray, I found that it opens and closes when the faceplate is off and can open with the faceplate ON when there is no disk in by using the controller and choosing the "open tray" option in the menu. Once you put a game in the only way to get it out is to take the faceplate off because the "open tray" option is replaced with a button that enters the game. So the idea that removing/attaching the faceplate somehow moved the circuit board is the best explanation, but how am I supposed to fix that??? It's ridiculous.
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The faceplate should not make a difference, maybe its not fixed on correctly.
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i fixed it! VERY EZ (Xbox 360 elite) 1. just get the faceplate off 2. the ring on the back side of it is loose ( Maybe because you were poking it while it was off) 3.get a long piece of tape and poke a hole in it about the size of the large bulging round piece that makes it turn on and tape that hoe down 4. now the power button on the faceplate should be a little more tighter and harder to press down 5. put the faceplate on and try it out.
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I need to buy a faceplate for my 360.

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Easy way is to cut off the white piece of plastic behind the button that looks like a cross. Not the piece that has a clear rubber over it. But the piece above it. I used toe nail clippers and cut it off and the place the faceplate back on and it worked. Hoped this helped. It did for me on two different Xbox's.

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