360 keeps signing me out, Help!

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So my friend downloaded his profile onto my xbox 360. after he left I had a ton of problems with my 360. Going back to my profile it now signs me out if I go to play a game, go to a Netflix app or something similar, go to xbox video to rent a movie ect. WHY!?!?!?!?! How do I fix this? Ive already deleted my friends account and cleared my cache on my memory.... what else can I do?

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I suggest you get a new friend.

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@buster007: When I had problems with my own account, the only way I managed to fix it was to delete my profile from the system, clear the cache three times (don't ask me why!), and then redownload my profile again.

I haven't had a problem since then, and if nothing's worked for you so far, it might be worth a shot.