360 game just wont work!!! any suggestions?

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#1 Posted by acidfire12 (4 posts) -

Ok well today i put in assasian creed and it played the short film but then right after a thing poped up and < unreadable disc>

so i tryed cleaning it and there is no scrathces but it still doesnt work!!!!!!! if you have any suggestions please leave a comment.........

thanks~ xbox 360 fan~ adam

#2 Posted by Conroi58 (929 posts) -
Is your 360 horizontal or vertical? because games dont work for me too if i have my 360 vertical so make sure it's laying flat.
#3 Posted by z-man34 (193 posts) -
Have you tried other games? If your 360 is doing that w/ other games too, it could be a sign that it is dying. If it is only w/ AC though, then try and return it for a different copy and see if that works.
#4 Posted by natsirt67 (891 posts) -
sorry to tel you buddy ut my 360 did that to me and it did make me disk errors elot of times and finally it broke up on me so you can and buy a new 360 already.
#5 Posted by totaldj (3556 posts) -
same thing happened to me... well .... :( you have to call 1-800-4MY-XBOX and tell them...they'll send you the coffin and you wont be seeing your fixed/new xbox 360 till a month...
#6 Posted by NSR34GTR (13179 posts) -
....your dvd drive might be on its way out
#7 Posted by elc0r0r0 (2 posts) -
hi guys, ive had my white xbox360 for about 3-4 years. but recently (a wek ago) my xbox just started to take ages to start up and then a day later it just wont load up maps on my games? i know its not my games because i tried them on my mates xbox but im not an expert soooooooo a little help please?
#8 Posted by vashkey (33666 posts) -
Try checking the inner most ring of the disc for cracks.
#9 Posted by elc0r0r0 (2 posts) -
there dosn't seem to be any cracks? could it be linked to my xbox360 being really slow?