10 Things that would Improve Xbox One by 10 times!

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10 Things that would Improve Xbox One by 10 times!

1) DLNA Streaming Client – There’s no reason not to do this, Xbox 360 already has it, I know you can push stuff to Xbox One but that seems rather antiquated in 2013 and doesn’t work well.

2) Support Standard USB PnP devices (Memory Sticks, Keyboards, Fightsticks), NOW. Again a feature that the Xbox 360 has had for many years and is totally necessary. Particularly if you are going to make me enter 25-digit codes, type chat messages or type complex passwords let me use my USB keyboard!

3) Support MP3/Ogg/MP4 music files on devices and streaming.

4) Add compatibility for Xbox Live voice messages both sending and receiving. This was one of my genuine WTF!?! moments on the console when some of my friends sent me voice messages to my Live! account asking about X1 and I couldn’t hear them or send anything back on the X1. How lame?

5) Allow Snapped applications to auto-hide, in fact IMHO that should be the default behaviour. I might take a call on Skype while playing a game but I don’t want to lose ¼ of my screen to it all the time, it’s too distracting.

6) Provide separate volume controls for different Windows!

7) Allow us to replace in-game music with our own music from ANY source (USB/DNLA/etc), I know it’s possible with a paid subscription to Xbox Music but I’ve watched the various iterations of Xbox Music over many years and I will probably never join. Sorry but the service isn’t good enough and there have been too many problems and you are never going to be my trusted music source. Being able to replace in-game music was such a good feature on the Xbox 360; PLEASE continue it on the X1. Music is so personal and being able to have my own available has helped me enjoy games I would not have done anything like as much if stuck with the music that shipped with the game.

8) Please allow me to easily see how much disk space I have on my console, how much my apps are using, and to manage this somehow. ATM I have literally no idea how much space I have left.

9) Please allow us to use USB storage to expand our consoles, again this was so useful on the Xbox 360, it will be again on Xbox One.

10) Please allow better control of sign ins, ideally some kind of “lock” mode where nobody else can sign in until I cancel it. It is very frustrating to lose all progress on my current game because someone else walked past the camera! Finally the User Interface needs a better management tool, pins is not enough.