You think I can find a titanfall bundle without a preorder?

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#1 Posted by psone4xbox (64 posts) -

I'm thinking if picking one up tomorrow after work but didn't preorder. I can't run out at midnight release but hope I can stop by best buy or walmart and find one...

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I don't think you'll have a problem. I went to my local Target today and noticed 5 Xbox One consoles just sitting there. There were no PS4 consoles. I mean people might be waiting for the bundle, but I don't think it's going to sell out immediately.

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I saw plenty of the regular systems, but I don't know how many bundles or how long the promotion lasts. I'm hoping I can just walk in and get one before the weekend...

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Let us know how you did, I know my local store were pre-sold out weeks before the release.

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I picked one up at Walmart the next day without any problems. I was at best buy today and they had bunch! I asked about ps4 just curious, they had 14 and sold them all in a few hours.

I was at work today and missed out on that 399.99 deal for titanfall bundle online, bummer

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@psone4xbox: Grats on the purchase. Yeah the situation with the PS4 is crazy, you'd have a better chance of contacting the president than finding one.

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Titanfall bundle is pretty easy to find, you would probably have a harder time finding Titanfall without a pre-order.

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It's pretty easy to find a PS4 if you really want one, had them in stock for over a week.