xbox wont stay on

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my xbox will come on for a minutes sometimes just a few seconds, then turns itself back off. i have tried different outlets, and its not even a year old yet. i dont know much about the game system, if anyone has some idea as to what could be wrong, plz help me..........i have to unplug it for a few minutes before it will come back on, if at all????

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are the fans spinning when it comes on for those few seconds?

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Think back about anything bad u have accidently or perposly done to the system. Does it have the red ring, full storage, messed up fans, corrupted parts, update me.

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I had that problem one time with mine.All I did was unplug it from the wall outlet and into the power bar and its been fine,reason why it was unplugged in the first place is because we put it in a just finished rec room and moved our entertainment there.Also make sure all your plugs are in all the way but dont jam it right in there with much force,lol.I hope this helps and I am sure its nothing serious.....good luck!