Xbox Then To Xbox Now! Awful Change!

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So in light of all the troll comments I've been getting about my taste towards the Xbox One. I've decided I'd make this video. What I want to talk about today is Xbox then and Xbox now. (CC available)

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Please do not post Youtube videos as a thread. If you wish to discuss the Xbox One you are entitled to air both positive and negative views about the console. However please try to understand that people here may like the console so there is no right or wrong opinion on this. You can discuss features you feel were lacking or what should have been on the system and that is fine, but people are also entitled to disagree (or agree, I was disappointed by things like having to turn party chat on as it is set to off by default for instance, but there is the latest OS patch fixing more of these issues so at least Microsoft are listening and not just ignoring the complaints). Also it is worth noting the Xbox 360 did have some pretty radical changes in its lifespan, for instance Party chat did not used to exist when the console came out and was a year or two in (I think from memory, I remember private talk was available between maybe two people originally before party chat was added) so there is history of this occurring.

Thank you.