xbox technical support phone#?

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hi i was just wondering if xbox had a technical support phone number. i cant seem to find it anywhere. i am haveing quit a bit of trouble i want to talk to someone in person. if you know what it is could you please post it. thank you very much

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If you want to talk to someone I'd choose ringing up the Samaritans if something's worrying you. Are you okay?
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sorry i didnt me "talk to some one face to face" i ment over the phone.
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is the number.

#5 Posted by giancarlo_11 (1300 posts) -
the number is 1 800 469 9269
#6 Posted by jackle2071 (5477 posts) -
1-800-4-MY-XBOX. Also just keep yelling AGENT into the phone the computer is no help!
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the number is 1 800 469 9269giancarlo_11

Which equals= 4my xbox lol

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lol i no but i posted the same time as u:P^
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thanks guys