Xbox One Gaming Headsets

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Hey guys I need some advice... I play call of duty and i cant wait for ghosts to come out. i have a situation though... i want to buy a new badass headset but i plan on getting the xbox one once it comes out so I'm not too sure on what to get. now ive heard all about how the adaptor wont be coming out till 2014 and that blows.. but the new (turtlebeach)XO four/seven that are specifically made for the xbox one wont be coming out till 2014 either! Im really leaning towards the (turtle beach) X510 but i would hate to get them and then they not work for the Xbox One.. i hear that the will work for sound only just not to chat.. and i hear that you can just use your kenect or even just use the headset that comes with the new console and wrap it around your neck for CHAT.... also i want to know if the X510 will be AS good as the XO SEVENS since the sevens are specifically made FOR the xbox one. the X510 are 100$ more so id imagine they will be better.. money is not an issue right now...


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Yeah, that sucks that the headsets won't come out until 2014. I live in an apartment and I don't want to have to keep my sound down.

I was thinking about maybe looking into some general wireless headphones and plug them into my TV. We'll see if that works.

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@MathMattS: see the problem with that idea tho is that you probably wont be able to chat with people

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@jasonmetz: Yeah, that's a drawback. I don't do much chatting, so it's not a big issue for me.

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i require a wireless one... and currently they are all wired. WTF!

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Holy crap, I ordered the X510 because they said they will release adapters that will make it work with the xbox one xD But i didnt know those adapters are only for sound...shiizzzzz

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the audio may work with head sets as usealy they are travled through that optic audio cable. The chat on the hand is other story

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@k2theswiss: yeah im thinking the current ones i have (turtle beach x12 with dss adapter will still work going thru the optical input right? atleast for game sound?

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@hoff2007: would think, Then you could rig the mic thats included or test out kinect and Hope it works like they say for the chat. They was pretty confident at one time back around E3 to not include a mic, then the internet got on them about it.

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I would recommend the Astro A40 over Turtle Beach. If you want wireless, get the A50. They work with every platform (except Wii U), provide nice simulated surround sound, are comfortable, and have wisely located switches and settings. Sure, they won't let you chat until early next year, but I can't say enough good things about Astro headsets

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@jasonmetz: Dude i have the XP510 headset and they are amazing. They will work with the xbox one running an optical cable from the xbox one to the transmitter of the xp510. Its been comfirmed that microsoft is releasing an adapter early in 2014 which will enable current headsets to work with the xbox one controller. Go to for the listing of headsets

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I can only recommend Astro headsets. A40's to be exact.

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I need some suggestions. I want a gaming headset for my Xbox One when I get it and by gaming I don't mean being able to chat to other people online, i'm not much of an online gamer and prefer playing the single player to a game. Having said that can any of you recommend me a headset that is crisp with sound and is comfortable even if you wear glasses? Thanks.

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@k2theswiss said:

the audio may work with head sets as usealy they are travled through that optic audio cable. The chat on the hand is other story

That's how I understood it as well. Right now I'm using some Turtle Beaches on my 360(with the optical cable) and Kinect as a rather well because there is no sound to come out of the TV and go through Kinect. I'll just do the same thing and use them on the X1 until they release the newer ones.