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Didn't find one so here goes:

Gamertag: Sup3rdaddy

Timezone: Mountain time (western for those who don't know)

Currently I have BF4, DR3, Ryse, Forza 5

Just turned 35 (so Im old apparently)

Id love to get a few more people in my Friends list as many of my 360 friends don't have a One.

Add your info to this thread if you'd like to participate!

Add me and Ill add you back!

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Gamertag: aKa DaShiznit

Timezone: Eastern

Currently I have Dead Rising 3, Forza 5 (Hoping to get CoD and Ryse for Christmas)

Age: 31

I'm really missing out on good cool people to play online with since most of my friends also do not have a One yet. Having been on Live for 10 years I have recently lost a lot of game time to starting a family. Guess that is a part of growing up lol. For this same reason I have added and lost a lot of friends I enjoyed playing with online that also started a family or had life changes that just had them move on from gaming. I still(probably always will) find time to game and like having cool people to actually enjoy a game with which seams much harder now a days when rolling solo into matchmaking.

Good idea for a thread and its pretty popular in the playstation forums (I got a PS4 aswell).

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Gamertag: Blackdragon7070 (Ugh Can't wait to change that)

Timezone: Eastern

Currently just have Forza 5. but will have DR3 soon, and then I'll be getting Ryse and AC4.

Age 20

Haven't been on Xbox in years so it's a new experience finally coming back to it with the Xbox One. Never made any friends when I played on my 360 so I didn't have anyone to come back to.

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Gamertag: kvothe232

TimeZone: Wellington New Zealand

Currently have Forza 5, Fifa 14, Peggle 2

Age: 32 ( 33 soon )

This is my first Xbox system and have only one friend at the moment that I have zero interaction with. I'd love to have a close knit community of friends that I can comfortably play multi player with.

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Gamertag: joe vs you

TimeZone: eastern

Currently have dead rising 3, bf4, ac4

Age: 23

x1 only

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Hi everyone!

Gamertag: Xi Fang Bai Hu

Timezone: GMT + 2

Age: 27

Games: So far COD Ghosts, KI (full) and AC 4.

I'm missing two achievements on Extinction mode (COD) and would really like to get them, I already have another guy who wants them too and is a team player, so two more to go! (finish the match with all challenges completed and the one about finding 40 loot sacks).

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Also, I really want to play KI with people but I suck at it. If you are friendly and non competitive, then add me!

I like using Orchid and Jago.

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Gamertag: WG McFartypants

Timezone: Central

Currently I have COD, DR3, Ryse, Forza 5, AC4, NFS, KI (and a couple others I won't admit to).

Nearing 42 (so I'm dead, apparently)

Of course with commute and two jobs I'm offline more than I'm on and I'm about as hardcore as a jelly baby.

Still, if you need one more car to crash into in Forza... :D

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3711solar orbits. Xbone Id- annunaki Kai

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Gamertag: Dtree11 (9 Years)

Timezone: Eastern

Currently play: COD,Batman, AC, Battlefield 4,

Just turned 30

Car Sales person, Joining Police Academy in 4 months

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Gamertag: Eyriwilf (Wandering Wolf)

Timezone: West coast

Currently play: Battlefield 4, COD: Ghosts. Dead Rising 3, Forza 5

I'm 21
I'm laid back and like to play for fun and enjoy a lot of games. I'm not to good at FPS but still like to play. I havent played Ghosts or Forza 5 yet but planning on it soon haha If you want to play sometime just send me a message :D

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gamertag :ScUbA sTeVe 091

Timezone: Central

Currently Play: Dead Rising 3, Battlefield 4, Assassin's Creed 4, and Ryse.


Work long hours, so I am just looking to have fun and relax when I am online.

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Gamer tag: AutoPilotOn

Time zone: eastern

Currently playing: dead rising 3 is all I have and killer instinct for Christmas

Age: 32

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I'll add the people that posted under me once I get home from work.

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Gamer tag: Astral Fissure

Time Zone: Australian Western Standard Time (Perth)

Currently Playing: FIFA 14, although own BF4 (keen for multi) and Forza 5.

If anyone wants to add me it would be good, recently jumped to the XBONE from PS3 and don't know anyone on Xbox Live to game with.

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Gamer Tag: Feral Boar 66

time zone: U.S. Central

Currently playing: Ryse, Madden 25, and NBA 2k14 and Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5. ..........also have Ghosts, Marvel Lego

I only have one friend with a Xbone so far.

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Just figured out some people friended me. What's the point of "Followers" it feels unnecessary and I just realized it was just people who sent you requests.

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New to Xbox and need some people to game with.

System:Xbox One

Gamer tag: Allanphresh


Timezone: Central


Currently have: COD Ghost (But Xmas is 6 days away so then I'll have) BF4, Forza 5, FIFA 14 and 2K14.

Like to get competitive at times and work as a team. I"m Laid back and really chill. Open to trying new games as well. So shoot me a request and a message.

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Gamertag: Synovialwaif

Timezone: GMT

Currently play: FIFA 2014, NBA 2K14, KI, Forza 5

Age: 23

A combination of long work hours and most of my friends still using a 360 mean I can't get the most out of multiplayer gaming- would be great to have a bigger group to game with.

I'm open to trying new games also :)

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@TwistedShade said:

Just figured out some people friended me. What's the point of "Followers" it feels unnecessary and I just realized it was just people who sent you requests.

Once you add someone as a friend you are now one of their followers. They will not show up as a follower until they add you as a friend also. Its a way to control what activity you see in your feed.

Personally, I like to keep my friend/follower numbers equal and I like to see what other people are doing with their xbox. I find it interesting and I've actualy learned about apps and stuff I previously didn't know about this way.

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Gamertag: DJ Dnazz

Timezone: EST

Age: 28

Looking for people to play all sorts of games with. BF4/COD, NFS/FORZA, Spartan Assault/Peggle2.. NBA Live 14 as well!

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#22 Posted by Evdne971 (338 posts) -

Gt: Edven971

Time zone/ Pacific


Sold my 360 and looking to get an X1 on tax refunds day! I'm a pretty fun loud person to play with.

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Time Zone/Central

Age: 19

Games: Ryse, BF4 and NFS Rivals

Most friends are still on the 360 so I need some new peeps to game with. I dare not bring this shiny black box to college either so after this week it is only weekends for me!

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Gamertag: immortality20
timezone: atlantic (eastern Canada)
currently have: AC4, DR3, NFS: Rivals
age: 28

Not a huge online player but would be nice to have some friends to compare achievements with and play the odd game with. I'm a big action fan, also love shooters and most genres.

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#26 Posted by OtisFeelgood (25 posts) -

Gamertag: Massacre386

Timezone: Eastern(Florida)

Currently have: CoD Ghosts, BF4, and Killer Instinct. I sold Ryse, AC4, and Dead Rising 3.

Age: 32

I'm usually playing late at night.

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Gamertag: chebel

Time zone: Central

Games (XB1): CoD, ACIV

Games (360): CoD, Halo Reach and 4, RDR, others...

Age: 28

I am laid back, and I like to play for fun. :-)

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Gamertag: mpsamuels

Timezone: GMT

Age: 29

Games: FIFA14, CoD Ghosts, Forza 5, NBA2k14

I'm not the greatest at any of the above and I don't take my gaming too seriously but would like to get involved in some co-op or competitive games with/against familiar names rather than just being put against randoms all the time!

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gamertag: ShaolinStyle631

timezone: eastern

age: 26

games: dead rising 3, forza 5, killer instinct

usually a laid back gamer but enjoys a good multiplayer match. hopefully once titanfall comes out i can play multiplayer more since i dont have much else as far as games go.

if you add me i'll add back.

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Gamer Tag: TheBeanMuncher

Age: 20

Games: BF4, COD, Dead far!

Got an Xbox One for christmas... Want some people to play with! Also make gamer vidz so if your into that kinda shiz add me!

Here's a link to one of my Videos:

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#31 Posted by aleeeyu_ (25 posts) -

GT: SwathedLlama69

Nfs Rivals (preffered)

XBOX One & XBOX 360

Age: 20

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gamertag: tureek99

timezone: +1 (Switzerland)

age: 30

games: dead rising 3, Battlefield 4

I am really looking forward for some one with who I can play Dead Rising 3. Just started to play and would like to have some co-op fun. If you are interested add me online.

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#34 Posted by KazhoouLte (25 posts) -

GT: DirgeZakkai Timezone: -5 (Eastern time) Age: 22yrs old.

I don't have a Xbox One yet, but getting one in a few days. Really looking forward to making new friends, since I haven't gamed in a long time and really don't want to play games like Titanfall, Destiny, The Division, etc all on my own haha

So please add me, it would make the One experience much better!

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Gamertag: Darth Gumballs

Timezone: Mountain Time

Age: 26

Forza 5, Madden 25, Call of Duty Ghosts. Just got the X1 today :)

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#36 Posted by DaBrainz (7721 posts) -

Gamertag: DaBrainzz

Timezone: ET

Age: 35

Mostly Madden25. Also have just dance and skylanders

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#37 Posted by Notorious2028 (25 posts) -

Gamertag Notorious2028

Games forza Cod 2k14

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Gamertag: PeedeeDaPirate7

Timezone: Cyprus (Europe) (UTC/GMT +2) (Eastern European Time Zone)

Games: Ryse, BF4, Ghosts, getting AC IV, FIFA, NBA2k14, MADDEN very soon.

Age: 29

Please add me, most of my XBL friends have not upgraded so my Xbox One game time is limited to me.

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Gamertag: DeizxNuttzz

Timezone: Central US


Games: Battlefield 4, COD ghosts, Dead Rising 3/ PC Games Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, Neverwinter


Pretty laid back, work long days during the week usually online on the weekends pretty late. Looking forward to playing BF4 with some new people that like to communicate.

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Gamertag: BleedTheFreak65

Timezone: Eastern

Age: 17

Current games: Zoo Tycoon, Forza 5, and Battlefield 4.

Money's a bit tight right now, but hopefully I will be getting new games soon. However, for those of you who have a 360, I have plenty games to play on there. I'm just looking for friends to play and enjoy these games with. I'm not very good, especially with battlefield, but practice makes perfect. I'm online fairly often, as well.

Well, hope to see some of you in the future!

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Gamertag: sandmanarenas

Time Zone: Central


Games: Ryse, Killer Instinct, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Halo Spartan Assault, Peggle 2, Tomb Raider DE, NBA 2k14 and Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

You can also add me on 360 I have a bunch of games I could play online, and I enjoy most of my time playing and sharing with friends who have the same hobbies as I do, also I don't mind playing on highly competitive communities or social ones.

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Thread locked.

There is a sticky thread for this pinned at the top of the board. In the future, please do not bump old topics. Thank you.