XBox One Day One Patch available for download onto USB?

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Just wanted to know since the MS servers will probably be busy on Friday. Can the Day One Patch be downloaded onto USB and then plugged into XB1 to add patch. This is what Sony did and I didn't have any trouble with the PS4.

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yeah im not sure... this worried me also... I am hoping that since the patch is required that they would have the network ready on for midnight launches.

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@gamernurse822: I can't find anything, I suggest you order the install disk if you can.

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@gamernurse822: I just finished downloading it:

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Please note Gamespot has just ran a story about this. It seems that to update offline you need to contact customer service.....connecting online will be needed with the X1 in order to get x1 update it seems. Ign has updated their story too and apparently the patches are no longer there for download.

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Hope the Xbox servers do better than the PS4 did on launch day.