Xbox LIVE Service Intermittent during DDOS

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it looks like Xbox LIVE is under attack right now. My system isn't connecting half the time, so if you're having trouble, I guess it's happening in a lot of places. Some guy from Anonymous is messing with the servers, and it started a little while ago.

The same thing is happening to PlayStation all day. This sucks.

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People are just out to make gamers suffer and ruin gaming if they can.

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@SolidTy: I kind of agree. I don't know that it's supposed to be about making us suffer, but it surely does. There's really no point in doing this, really, as companies can't fight against DDoS attacks, just fight against security vulnerabilities that are harder to find during DDoS.

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Hope whoever is behind it gets arrested.

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If the masses don't already look at gamers and techies as worthless wastes of society, then these hackers sure aren't helping our cause.

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