XBOX 360 not reading a disc in perfect condition

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I bought a steel case edition copy of good old Lost Planet recently. But when I put the play disc in to install/play, the console starts stuttering and produces the same sound over and over again, as if desperately trying to make progress. Also makes makes a sound similar to knocking on a table really fast with a tiny rivet. While doing that, it also produces the "disc recognized" sound at the same time after a few moments(when the game appears on the screen with the Play Game option). A "Play Game" does appear, but without the picture of the game. When I press play, it gives me the disc unreadable error.

I'm really confused :S The disc has no scratches at all and is perfectly clean.

If it helps, then the XBOX can read the bonus disc without problems, my PC recognized the problematic disc as an XBOX360 disc right away and showed its contents, and every other disc works perfectly on the console.

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I recommend getting a disc cleaner, there might be a scratch somewhere that is too small to be seen.

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I've had discs with bigger, 100% noticeable scratches work. And please keep in mind that I said that my PC had no trouble reading the disc. That should mean something, right? AND the console can read every other disc just fine! So nope, can't blame the console either!

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It got even worse. Now it's Play DVD instead of Play Game. When I press play, it comes up with the "to play this disc, put it into an Xbox 360 console" :SSSSS

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Is it second hand? maybe its been really badly messed up some how. Try getting it cleaned, I never get this problem with cracked disc's on my xbox? hmm

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Doesn't sound good, maybe go to a shop (EB Games here fixes discs) if you cannot get it working.

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Does it at least install the games? Maybe if you install them you will be able to play.