Xbox 3 - What it should of been

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Processor - 8-core 3.0ghz


Graphics - Equivalent to Nvidia 780/ATi 7980

Teraflops - 5.0+

SSD Drive (128GB for System and OS use) Internal

Hybrid Drive (1TB for Storage Use) Detachable/Internal

Wireless AC/N built in

Bluetooth Built in

DLNA support

External HDD/SDD and Flashdrive support (Day 1)

Kinect 2.0 bundled in (optional device)

Editions - 2 - (1TB Xbox Starter £350, $400) (2TB Xbox Pro, 2 Controllers, 1 Game (free download on any game digital x1) £420, $500)


OS - Windows 7/8 Hybrid (2013-2014) Windows 9 (2015)

Xbox Controller same as Xbox One but added a extra button underneath and between menu and map buttons, and is essentially the guide button.

Xbox Controller supports previous generation headsets and wireless headsets.

Xbox supports Xbox 360 games and OG Xbox games (using an internal device that uses the same system artitechture in micro form

Bluray Support

High end cooling solution and several air vents

Xbox Guide Menu displays at the bottom of screen as a bar in a blade format (similar to 360), it will have Home, Friends, Messages, Achievements, Party, Sign out, Quit,

Xbox Home button still exist on controller but will teleport you to dashboard without quitting application or game like Xbox One.

When using the Xbox guide and you want to see your achievements, it will show the achievements in the same display on the bottom and you can cycle through easily and there is an option you can maximize the screen to see more on the screen, same goes to other like friends, party etc.

3 OS like Xbox One

Kinect 2.0 has it's own processor and architecture built it, it doesn't feed from the console.

Kinect Essentials is a free game bundled with both editions, it is a game that lets people test out the kinect.

Digital Games have daily sales and sale events, on Day one one game could be 5-15% off, applies to DLC.

People can pre-puchase a game for 10% discount

Every 5 purchases made on Xbox you get 20% discount on your next one.

Xbox Live gives you 3 games per month for free starting from June 2014

Legacy saves from Xbox 360 and OG Xbox can be cloud saved as well.


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...and cost 1k?

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@MonsieurX said:

...and cost 1k?


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Oh, you're thinking of a gaming PC. Sure its nice to dream but if I wanted to pay that much id be hassling with hardware upgrades on my PC.