X1 BF4 servers?

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Hey all.

I am playing BF4 on the X1 and am wondering why there is zero people playing it. I mean it actually shows that there is zero people on any servers? Even when I check the local servers there is none. I am not really sure whats going on since it has released here (Australia) and surely I am not the only one playing this game.

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@adders99: The game is broken, not literally. I'm a ps4 owner and we're having the same issue. Dice is supposed to release a patch early next week.

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Its because so many people have logged into Xbox Live at once, give it a couple hours, btw, I never had this problem?

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ok I have managed to find some games finally!

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The conquest mode is broken on the ps4 as well as crashing issues. I expect xbox one to be the same because these same issues affect xbox 360 and pc versions as well I believe.