Will there be an Xbox One Slim?

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I've been thinking about Xbox One. Even though I'm not the biggest fan, I do love Gears of War, and Halo is not bad. Sunset Overdrive looks cool. But the thing is I don't want that big box in my room. It's just too big and I really don't like the way it looks. I have no room for it. Is there any hope they will come out with a super slim one? There are some good X box exclusives, but the console itself looks big and daunting.

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We seem to be having a lot of these threads so let's try to sum things up once and for all. YES there will be an Xbox Slim but NO, it won't be anytime soon.

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People talk about this thing like its a fucking tank. Sure its big for a console but to literally not have room for it....

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As technology matures, there's always more ways to make chips smaller and more energy efficient. It's been happening for generations now, even the original NES had a redesign with more efficient hardware. It's never a question of IF a slim will happen, but when. Being that the Xbox Box One is still very new hardware, I wouldn't expect to see a new chipset and overall shrink for at least two years, same with PS4.

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@always_explicit said:

People talk about this thing like its a fucking tank. Sure its big for a console but to literally not have room for it....

Well it's not that I have no room, but it is far from ideal and it would require me to either get a new entertainment center or just put it on some stool next to it. It just doesn't look good for ME, given that it is so big. I haven't seen a bigger system. It may sound silly, but I am OPEN to getting an Xbox one one day, but it has to get Smaller!

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Maybe who knows only time will tell.

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I doubt we will see a Xbox One Slim anytime soon.

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In two to three years, sure why not.

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Yes there will be an Xbox one Slimline console. But in 2017/2018 the Xbox one is not even 1 year old yet. But it is a given a Xbox one S console and later an even smaller Xbox one E. Microsoft will release a slim and superslim version of Xbox one.

But it is way too early to expect a slim console for Xbox one.

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maybe but aliens will have destroyed humans by then, and judging by your avatar i wouldn't be surprised if you're just trying to rub in xbox owners face that its a big console.

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If microsoft can make money, yes.