Why is my battery recharger blinking?

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I have one of the "Quick Charge Kits" for the controller batteries (seen below) that has been doing something weird for the past couple times I've used it.

Quick Charge Kit

The left charger slot has no problems and works fine, but the right one is blinking red and green. The light will turn on red for a few seconds, then quickly turn green then turn off completely. Then it will turn on red again, and do the same thing over and over.

The battery in there is very low (too low to play with without cutting out).

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it broken or is there some way to fix it? I only bought it 6 months ago and have recharged batteries maybe... 8-9 times at most.

It does this regardless of if there's another battery in the other side or not. It's only the right side that does this. I've also noticed that the battery on the left side comes off really hot once it's charged, but the right side is only slightly warn. Barely noticeable. There's obviously something current going into the batteries, but barely anything.

If it's busted, has anyone had this problem before, and if so did you find a fix on your own? Or does anyone know how long the warranty would last for? I have an extended warranty on the 360, but not accessories. Charging one battery at a time is no big deal since I can only use one at any given time, but I'd rather not have defective hardware if it can be helped.

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I have the same charger but never experienced that problem don't no what to tell you dude.
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Seemingly, it may be your battery that needs to be replaced. Quick Charge Kit Troubleshooter