Which has the better campaign

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Posted by rullo_100 (25 posts) 1 year, 6 months ago

Poll: Which has the better campaign (25 votes)

Halo 4 84%
Call of Duty: Ghosts 4%
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 4%
Battlefield 4 8%
#1 Posted by GuitarSmash (274 posts) -

Halo 4, but for runner-up i would choose Battlefield 4 (pretty linear and scripted like all shooters, but oh man....the action!)

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lol haha COD really? I played cod 4 all the way up to blk ops 2 and they all played the same shit, I highly question ghost is any different

halo 4 was nice, and has some length to it

BF4 may be short BUT I ENSURE YOU it's fun! it has a nice story IMO

~~~ SO i'm leaning more bf4 on this case, Maybe be short well worth the play through. I even replaying some of the missions for the point system and i usually NEVER play SP twice

#3 Posted by Danyawesomsauce (115 posts) -

My vote is for Halo 4.

#4 Posted by adders99 (2616 posts) -

halo4 is really the only one you can put as having a decent campaign.. COD has not had a good campaign since COD4 and as much as I love BF4, the campaign was terrible... they didnt really explain why any of the stuff was going on... it was just go there kill some people and go somewhere else and do the same.

#5 Posted by ghstbstr (8790 posts) -

My vote is for Ghosts, and BO2 was good too. As for Halo 4 and BF4 I couldn't finish the campaigns.

#6 Posted by narlymech (947 posts) -

They all suck. Hate shooters not on PC.

#7 Edited by marcheegsr (3017 posts) -

Haven't played Ghosts but played the others. I would say Halo 4.

#8 Posted by sukraj (24187 posts) -

Halo 4

#9 Posted by bowchicka07 (1104 posts) -

Halo 4 Cortana :/

#10 Posted by sukraj (24187 posts) -

@bowchicka07 said:

Halo 4 Cortana :/

sexy cortana

#11 Posted by AutoPilotOn (8617 posts) -

People play single player on cod and battlefield games???

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@AutoPilotOn said:

People play single player on cod and battlefield games???

No I don't

#13 Posted by CTR360 (7401 posts) -

halo 4 by far