What exactly does "Block Communications" do?

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#1 Posted by NicAgent (4686 posts) -
I was wondering that cause I was having a video chat with someone and he appeared kinda afraid of me so the chat suddenly ended, he went offline briefly and then came online again, though I wasn't able to reach him again through a message and a private chat invite. So could this mean he blocked communications with me? I wasn't given a notice saying that he did but would I get a notice at all if he did so? And I'm a little unclear on what exactly Blocking Communications does.
#2 Posted by ALLoY1717 (6746 posts) -
Block communications does exactly that. Stop that person from contacting you in any form (not sure if it mutes him if you run into him in a game tho). Before you couldn't tell if someone had blocked you as all messages would seem to be sent regardless however after the newest update when you try to send someone a message that has blocked you you will not get the message has been sent confirmation.
#3 Posted by Thorpe89 (19548 posts) -
It blocks all future communications. When you block, it doesn't let the other user know. They can still send invites, messages and such but they just don't go through to you. So, they would think you are ignoring them.
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Well given how problematic Xbox Live has been lately some messages/invites/etc... don't go through, PERIOD.