Was Titanfall the Main reason you bought an Xbox One.Poll.

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Posted by brimmul777 (2334 posts) 1 year, 8 months ago

Poll: Was Titanfall the Main reason you bought an Xbox One.Poll. (63 votes)

Yes,Titanfall was the reason. 5%
No,I would have bought a Xbox One anyway. 65%
No,I won't buy a Xbox One,Titanfall or no Titanfall. 14%
No,I'll buy Titanfall for my PC insted. 5%
Yes,I would have bought a Xbox One anyway,but not this early. 11%

I was planning to buy a Xbox One at a later date,maybe Christmas.But once Titanfall was coming closer to it's release date,I could not resist.It was the main reason I bought a Xbox One.A console seller.Was it your reasoning for buying an Xbox One.If the answer is not part of the poll,please post it.Thank You for reading. :)

#1 Posted by craigalan23 (15879 posts) -

Not the main reason but it was one of the three games that I wanted to play.

#2 Posted by iambatman7986 (1459 posts) -

Between it, Forza, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, and Quantum Break.

#3 Edited by Undue_Influence (69 posts) -

Titanfall did not factor into my decision making, just wanted a next gen console and was thinking PS4, but did not want to pre-order, wanted to see how both released. With XB1 being available and PS4 was not until March that swayed me a lot, then with no DLNA on PS4 it swayed me over.

#4 Edited by BattleSpectre (7951 posts) -

Nah, I bought the Xbox One Day One Edition, and to be honest there wasn't really a particular game that made me buy one. It was the fact I wanted to own every console, like I do every generation. Too many great games that you miss by sticking to one side.

#5 Posted by immortality20 (8291 posts) -

No, I bought it on launch day and at the time had zero interest in Titanfall. After playing the beta I liked it and got it on Tuesday and it's very fun. I bought Xbox One because i loved my 360, I'm very shocked at how good the kinect is, and I wanted to play Dead Rising 3 and other next gen games. I'm happy owning the console.

#6 Posted by DrD3V1L (2064 posts) -

I mainly purchased my xbox one for Watch Dogs, which thankfully is coming out very soon :)

#7 Posted by Alucard_Prime (4566 posts) -

Xbox One is the best console for online gaming right now imo, so while I didn't specifically buy it for TitanFall, it is for games like TitanFall(online-heavy games) that I decided to get an Xbox again this generation.

#8 Posted by cyloninside (815 posts) -

yes, it was the reason i bought an XB1 this early... but i didnt even end up getting titanfall on XB1. after seeing the screen caps and seeing that it only ended up being 792p.... i got it on PC, because it looks and runs WAY better.

#9 Edited by thenephariouson (3953 posts) -

Not at all, I purchased my Xbox One because I wanted a true next generation platform and not simply a visual upgrade to my previous console.

#10 Posted by sukraj (25205 posts) -

No not at all I would have bought an xbox one anyway but I'm still looking forward to fable legends, halo 5, sunset overdrive etc.

#11 Edited by CTR360 (7550 posts) -

halo 5 its a true reason i buy XBOX1 next year

#12 Edited by cejay0813 (714 posts) -

Nope not at all. Didn't know anything about Titanfall and I already had my mind made up to buy an Xbox One... Halo 5 will sell more consoles than Titanfall has.

#13 Posted by brimmul777 (2334 posts) -

@cejay0813: Quite possible Halo might sell more Xbox Ones then Titanfall.You might be right.

#14 Posted by Venom951 (389 posts) -

No but it helped I was gonna buy one regardless I mainly bought it for Halo 5 and 6 in the future and Quantum Break and When ever a New Gears of War Drops to see what Black Tusk can do .

#15 Posted by KingJuggaNott (217 posts) -

Nah, I was sold on the Xbox One already, but man--what an awesome game though. I usually don't like the futuristic type games. Rocket Packs and Mechs and things like that but Titan Fall is the truth, I'm enjoying it.

#16 Edited by bowchicka07 (1104 posts) -

I will buy an Xbox One for Destiny, Halo 5, The Witcher 3 (the long wait ahead), and ESO online.

I will still get titanfall but no rush here.

#17 Edited by thenephariouson (3953 posts) -

Waiting patiently for Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break and obviously the next 'Halo' outing : ) among others such as The Division etc

#18 Posted by sukraj (25205 posts) -

@thenephariouson said:

Waiting patiently for Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break and obviously the next 'Halo' outing : ) among others such as The Division etc

u looking forward to the new Wolfenstein game?

#19 Edited by nyc05 (10186 posts) -

Titanfall did not influence my decision to buy an Xbox One at all.

I buy all consoles because they all offer something the others don't. The Xbox One is no exception. A damn fine system it is, IMO.

#20 Posted by immizzz (25 posts) -

I purchased XB1 for Forza !!! Man, I love it !!!

#21 Posted by skipper847 (4180 posts) -

I got the X1 as a back up system for my PC and have best of both worlds and getting Forza tomorrow. Well Ordering it and cant wait. :D.