USB thumb drive as mem card?

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#1 Posted by killerbasa (854 posts) -
I need to return my xbox to costco but I would like to keep my saves from Fable 2 on my profile. I would rather not pay $40 or however much the M$ 360 Memory cards cost now just to keep a save from Fable 2 and Fallout 3 for when I get a new 360. I have a 1GB USB thuumb drive I got for free and am wondering if i can use that in place of the Memory card. Or is there some other means I can use to keep the saves from those games and put them onto my new 360?
#2 Posted by olpfan (836 posts) -
unno, plug it into the xbox and see if it works.
#3 Posted by killerbasa (854 posts) -
Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I moved away for school and the thumb drive is 2 1/2 hours away at my parents house... So, if anyone has any firsthand experience with this please help me out.
#4 Posted by adders99 (2616 posts) -
what are you saving it on at the moment?
#5 Posted by killerbasa (854 posts) -
Im saving it on the 20GB harddrive. But I will need my harddrive with the xbox when I return my 360.
#6 Posted by dreman999 (10748 posts) -
Why not just keep the easily detachable hard-drive? :?
#7 Posted by onthe_dl (695 posts) -
sorry man, you'll need to buy the mem card. usb sticks only work for having media on them and reading it only.
#8 Posted by onthe_dl (695 posts) -
it's either that or try and ask costco if you can keep the hard drive and swap it with the new one they replace it with since you have a lot of saved games on it.
#9 Posted by killerbasa (854 posts) -
Yeah I scoured google for more info. If i can find a place that has used memory cards then i will buy one. Or I can just lose everything in Fable 2 and start all over, but by the time I return my 360 I will have played Fallout 3 a lot by then. Maybe one of my friends has one. Or... I go into BB or Target and buy one, use it for that day, and then return it getting all my money back.
#10 Posted by adders99 (2616 posts) -
you shouldnt need to return your HDD when you return your xbox... just detatch it and put it on your new xbox.
#11 Posted by Blind0bj3ct (534 posts) -
Hm, I was able to stick in my SD card using a USB adpter. I don't see why a flash thumb wouldn't work, that's silly.